I don’t know whether I can say I believe in ghosts or not because “ghost” is not well defined. I think we live in a seriously wacky world and the universe is a completely insane, backwards, sideways, and upside down place/entity/location/thing lol. It’s not even any of those it is intangible.. the universe can’t even be defined as a set of rules; nothing! You can’t even say it’s ‘nothing’ You CAN try to say it’s EVERYTHING but the universe might not even be “real” AT ALL to begin with! Time and space, mass and energy… All kinds of energy… And dark matter, dark energy, gravity waves…

This all of course implies an intelligence equal to or greater than, or COMPRISED OF…. yes, of… the consciousness of the brain. is this exclusive to our human species? I think species becomes irrelevant after this… Is intelligence more substantive than mass and matter and even energy? Is that possible, for logic to usurp both mass and energy, time, and space? In what contexts can it exist?

So if you could network together all the processing power of 100% of all the human brains in the entire universe… you’d have one hell of a super monster computer.  And the power sources are already here… next problem: interference.  It’s EVERYWHERE.

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