Gun Control is not Murder Prevention, but a psychological BAND-AID.

Today, 27 people – including 18 CHILDREN – were murdered at the hands of one ‘lone wolf’ gunman.

Unbelievable that not ONE non-murderous citizen was armed. Every time something like this happens, they say NO more guns… Well, highly unlikely that this person was legally carrying their weapons. TWENTY-SEVEN DEAD and nobody could stop them? If someone else had a gun (besides cops… because they only show up AFTERWARDS) this could have been far less than 26. Insane.

I fear that instead of taking the path of ARMING good citizens, who can then TAKE ACTION against such vile acts as that perpetrated today against innocent children as they fire, sight their next target, fire, and so on – giving us time to REACT and RESPOND in like manner – to ban guns would force such maniacs as this man to employ HOMEMADE EXPLOSIVES – which INSTANTLY kills HUNDREDS, with NO time for us to react, like in Oklahoma City.  And then we will open a Pandora’s box of a fascist regime that will end up crushing our natural aspirations that arise out of the spirit of freedom this great nation was born into.

Wholesale slaughter like this doesn’t require a gun. If you don’t care who your target is, then an IED would do the same job. So I hope we don’t start hearing about gun control – Nevermind. Too late.

27 people who never got the chance to “stand their ground”… I know some people who have concealed carry permits, and exercise their 2nd Amendment right to be armed. Had one of them been there, I know they definitely would have either stopped this, or been killed trying to stop it.

I can find a few “unlicensed (gun) dealers” right down the street of any inner city! Yeah, next door to the DRUG dealer! All banning guns does is INCREASE the differential between armed CRIMINALS and armed CITIZENS.  See how well Prohibition worked – it strengthened ORGANIZED CRIME.

The problem is not guns, but the human condition. It is sad, and it’s a shame that our society of sheeple was not prepared, but instead made to bow to some idealistic notion of a peaceful world, that is NOT reality, and as a direct result, are left unprepared in the face of disaster.

Factually, a bullet could have AND DID stop this crazy killer. That is the ONLY THING that stopped him; A BULLET.

One thing is for sure:


I would at least TRY by encouraging teachers to practice shooting and have a gun locked in a safe, after proper training. I know, I know… that sounds extreme, to convert teachers into SOLDIERS or COPS. But it would have worked, and it would not have cost much. On the other hand, we CANNOT… literally HAVE NO MONEY TO PAY FOR… having police officers with guns in every situation like this.

Well, let’s see where the waves (of popular opinion) take us! I’ve done all I can to express MY views on here today. At least it has not become hostile, thank GOD. We all agree that incidents such as this are simply UNACCEPTABLE.

6 responses to “Gun Control is not Murder Prevention, but a psychological BAND-AID.

    • Thank you. I don’t even claim to have all the answers, or even know whether there is such a thing as perfection on Earth. But I do my best to address issues that affect us all… because sadly, very sadly, it is a very poor life we are handing down to our next generation. We all care greatly about our children – I do not have any children, btw – however, I see it all too often happen when mothers focus so much time and effort on what they think they can do best for their children and in the process, forget to do their part to make sure the entire USA and even the entire world we leave to them is not so harsh as to destroy them. So many parents spoil their children, with no plans for the future and without paying mind to the national and global disasters on a much larger scale – such as our economy; national debt, job security, war – it’s a changing world. Oh and let me add climate change to that list just for the heck of it! Too many parents would burn up the Earth to raise their kids – and then, when their kids become adults, there is no more Earth! Similar to national debt and war….


  1. We are a broken nation. We are massively in debt – some say, IRREVOCABLY in debt. Yet we have the audacity to think we can afford to live in a military police state, with GUN-TOTING COPS stationed in every kindergarten and on every street corner. What sickens me about this again?


  2. Let’s wipe away our Constitutional liberties: Let’s ban drugs! That way, once the loopholes are closed, nobody will be able to get drugs. That TOTALLY explains why drug addiction is an epidemic. Obviously if you can’t get drugs, you can’t become an addict. Duh! Let’s ban guns for LAW ABIDING persons – Look at how well Prohibition worked. This is coming to a head now – the stage is set, and the players are in place. It looks ridiculous!


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