My NEW solution to help protect our children…

second amendment to protect the rest of our rights

In light of the recent shootings, I just wanted to post in public (I also placed a yard sign out front reiterating the following) the fact that my residence is a 100% GUN-FREE ZONE, and that if anyone tries to break in, THEIR FINGERPRINTS WILL BE LEFT, 911 will be called, and as a bonus, I left a sterile pair of latex gloves and a road map of the approximate time it takes for the FIRST patrol car to arrive when 911 is dialed., which is about 18 minutes (if I’m lucky). Ever since I put up the “There are NO guns in this house AT ALL!” sign-arguably a “Please target MY house for kidnapping/robbery/rape/murder”- I haven’t seen ANY odd cars parked with people using binoculars looking for young boys and girls to molest after I leave for work. The school bus schedules is posted on my mailbox, as well.

(If you don’t grasp the meaning of this, then kindly nevermind.  And do us all a favor and stay out of “politics” because this

is WAR not politics!)

ronald reagan gun-control1

3 responses to “My NEW solution to help protect our children…

  1. All teachers, being noble, free men and women who serve our nation, should have the option (with proper training, of course) to keep a locked firearm, accessible to the school administrators. You may argue, “There would be no TIME for them to unlock the gun safe!” To ta tI say, the teachers in neighboring classrooms would have the means to DEFEND against asault IF THEY SO CHOOSE.I know a great many educators who truly care for the liives and well-being of their students and all oouryouth, and would lay down their lives in order to protect them.


  2. How many million humans murdered by automobiles, yet we actually ENCOURAGE AND CELEBRATE it when we hand over the keys or would be death certificates to our young innocent teens. At 21, our society celebrates adding alcohol to this deadly mix. We celebrate freedom from oppression, because that is part of our inrained culture. Period.

    There is no easier (human) target than those who are cowering under their desks, totally helpless and defenseless, while they wait 10 minutes…. 20 minutes… 30 minutes… for assistance. Too bad, truly it is a shame, that serial killers NEVER wait for police resources to arrive, before pulling the triggers.


  3. I think all the “anti gun” people should pass a law that makes it illegal for teachers to have firearms available (to the teachers, not the students, for those who don’t grasp my meaning) at schools. This way, everyone can cower in fear, rather than STAND UP and STOP these monsters WITH DEADLY FORCE. And as for litigation, well, with cameras all over the place in schools (that’s another joke – that CCTV surveillance is going to PROTECT YOU from a psycho madman like this, against whom convention means of psychological dissuasion NEVER WORK) – it will all come out in litigation. What a great distraction from the Fiscal Cliff. If we end up with rioting and looting in the streets, we are going to have another Katrina up in here.


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