Facebook Friendship

Since Facebook has no geographic boundaries, although language barriers… If we can all learn to just get along on facebook, take out our rage on facebook, games, relieve our stress… Maybe then so many people wouldn’t take it out by become murderers or going insane doing a school shooting!

One response to “Facebook Friendship

  1. Fine suggestion, but the very unstable and violent people among us are not able to do that. When a very disturbed person is taken over by rage, they are unable to stop themselves……Psychotic Rage is overpowering……These people can not control themselves. They are in another zone…… I experienced it once as a side effect from prolonged high doses of Prednisone…….. It is the scariest thing on earth not to be able to stop the rage you feel…….I can not imagine how it feels to be as enraged as Lanza was…….No amount of venting on FB would have stopped him……The only thing that would have stopped him was a very high dose of sedative/anti-anxiety medication intravenously………
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    Brendon Tristal That’s why I’m not the Saviour
    6 minutes ago · Like
    Brendon Tristal and glad not to be
    6 minutes ago · Like
    Brendon Tristal If one day robots do all the work, nobody has to have a job, there is no pretentiousness or competititveness and people can just dance and listen to the music and enjoy each others’ company… Utopia
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