Irrational Spending

food stamp spendingThe real problem with government’s society running out of money is happening because its free hand-outs train us to not work, and be lazy, and make money for doing nothing! lol How the hell do you pay taxes, then? With people making huge salaries… for doing JACK NOTHING! Seriously! Is that adjusted for inflation:?

Note after this note prompted an argument with a good friend upon posting:  All I was trying to bring about in my little “discussion” here was to possibly stop the vicious cycle of poverty that is bringing our country down big time.And it will undoubtedly be painful, and many government systems will fail or break down, as many are already as we speak. The future is not the brightest but I try to bring the dark ugliness to light that we may prevent it before we get there!

2 responses to “Irrational Spending

  1. Brendon Tristal They also cut off education grants if a child gets in trouble with, say, marijuana, along with food stamps at least for a few years. And it goes on and on and on! IT’s completely backward stupidity, why is anyone surprised at the result! This country is going down faster than gravity, so we’d better avoid any cliffs!
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    Brendon Tristal This economny sucks, so nobody bothers to look where what they buy is manufactuered in like they might otherwise. People shop at Walmart, which is notorious for how they treat their pets (employees) – it’s abuse – because they can’t afford to shop local or go to a real place to shop. Even if it means to save a little bit of gas. We’re stuck in a conundrum.
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    Brendon Tristal Eventually though, we WILL starve. In fact, people are starving right now – just not you and me. There are people living in this same planet without medical care whatsoever (including childbirth) and the diet is dirty garbage, and the water is infected. That is happening right now.
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    Brendon Tristal As the world’s population continues to grow, it’s only a matter of time until WE’RE starving, too. Hopefully I’m not around by then. That’s why I don’t want to have kids… I personally think it’s irresponsible to have more than one, so maybe one, two max, but by and large, none is probably best for me lol
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    Brendon Tristal I may sound harsh, but if you are not already a very wealthy individual, you simpily cannot and should not pop out 5 babies when you’re so young you’re still in high school. I think it’s painful ( to the children), a waste of human life, ruins families, and ruins LIVES.
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    Brendon Tristal The people who don’t get qualified for food stamps get their food from CHRISTIAN BASED CHARITIES for the most part… all you need is a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and your NAME, and you go shopping at a free food store and grab a certain amount of items.
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    Brendon Tristal Personally, Deb, I’m in a tough spot between the abortion issue of morality (is it murder? when? who is to say?) versus if we aborted everyone right now and remained infertile for the next say 2 years, and did that on and off every two years or every 6 months (I’d go yearly, rather than monthly, so as to least interfere with nature’s cycles… damn I’m good; I should be UNICEF president, haha)
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    Brendon Tristal Now pay attention as the “major religion” (Vatican) of the US brings turmoil of gun control and birth control. What magic fun!


  2. U make it sound like if you were NOT living of those “handouts” you publicly critizise. Funny! When was the last time u had a job and a salary you could pay your own stuff and live on your owner?

    1. Irrelevant and incorrect.. nobody but nobody turns a down free handouts ?”, ESPECIALLY not to super wealthy. And why do you prefer to criticize a person rather than a broken system? If the ATM machine is broken and gives you ten thousand are you gonna ask questions? I exist to change the world by altering the minds and perspectives of humans, not their twisted malconstructions and interfering solutions, Dr. Dreud


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