We already know that science and technology, including electrochemistry, influence our feelings, moods, and behavior – or vice-versa.  Now imagine if you could have the most beautiful-looking man or woman of your dreams, as the love of your life – without ANY of the baggage that comes along with such a relationship.

How would this be possible?  By electronically reprogramming the brain and its physical attraction sensors and cues, thereby making even what one might consider the ‘ugliest person alive’ the sexiest person alive, in THEIR eyes!

This is the way REAL LOVE actually works, but the added benefit of this is that if you lose your loved one, soul mate, life partner, husband, or wife to an untimely death, you can reprogram all of those attraction algorithms to someone else.

Modern psychology is still attempting to reconcile these issues.  The mergers between biotech, electronic, chemical, and psychopharmacology industries are beginning.

You can merge sexual attraction with emotional love and attraction by using scienctific equipment; medical technology.  And I don’t mean Viagra.  I don’t mean Eharmony.  I mean something completely new and mind-blowing yet to be revealed.

Brendon Tristal, Sunday, December 23, 2012 Copyright Original

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