Let’s stop violence against children by banning candy.

1-s2.0-S0927776511004231-sc1Dear President Barack Obama,

I take extreme offense to the fact that candy remains legal in our modern age and society.Please ban all candy guns and candy cigarettes, because cancer kills, and candy’s ingredients can easily be converted into powerful explosives capable of murdering possible thousands of innocent victims.

Please also disarm and disband the United States Military, because there are a LOT of guns there, and since guns are obviously so evil, they must be destroyed.

Thank you, Sincerely, Me

But that’s really how fucking SILLY THIS BULLSHIT IS~! i know it’s funny but it’s also fucing SICK because people actually BUY INTO THIS SHIT!

My point is, you need to imprison ALL people who possess intelligence thorough enough to create destruction, along with those who would create UTOPIA, in order to eliminate virtuous and virtual REALITY.  Apologies for the SARCASM, but the INFLUENZA is NOT as big as the man in the commercial.

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