I’ve always believed that since the Industrial Revolution began, we’d eventually have more people than jobs. What then? Make-work projects? Yet we don’t even have any money to build a proper infrastructure… our bridges are in disrepair, it’s a national disaster when you really look at the numbers. We rely on all these old transmission systems and power plants… now we are finally constructing a new nuclear power plant, at least, because we’re going to need it. You have to burn a LOT of diesel fuel, coal, or whatever to get that magic stuff called ‘electricity’… when you buy food a lot of what you’re paying for is just the fuel used by machines to harvest, process, package, and transport the merchandise, and it’s all a big mess. I’m waiting for someone to let me fix it by writing a good essay filled with solutions people might be willing to invest in, but nobody seems to care. Lol.

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