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Christmas in New York By Shilelagh Law

Christmas In New York, a tribute to the victims of the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, by the band Shilelagh Law. For more information, visit halfthebo…
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  • Brendon Tristal Thank God the War on Christmas is a non-issue, but unfortunately due to the fact that it’s merely on the back burner because there are too many newsworthy world and national events of a negative nature. Nice to see something good for a change.
  • Sky Angel The only thing worthy of a public “dispute”, not war, on this holiday would be “commercializing” Christmas. Even the rich decided to use it as a way to get richer by selling it as a day of giving all you can give by spending your life savings. Then they came out with CREDIT CARDS…LOL
  • Brendon Tristal That’s a neat trick banks use to make lots of money.
  • Brendon Tristal It’s very easy for anyone with, say, an online or Ebay store to offer your customers lines of credit specifically for purchasing from them, much like a Sears or other store-only credit card, through a bank
  • Brendon Tristal It drives the entire debt-crisis economy now… everyone is going near bankrupt and underwater. You see it on TV commercials all the time… payday loans, quicken loans, all over
  • Sky Angel well they wander where half the american debt is LOL CREDIT CARDS DEBTS. cut’em up, burn’em, dont ever get another one. Theres the damned debt. You’ll lose your house, your car, your boat, your sunglasses even. ..I had to laugh with all the credit card offers I have had throughout the yrs. They went right into the fire pit every time I had a hot dog roast lol
  • Brendon Tristal Getting people to make purchases they know they cannot afford. I am appalled at some of the commercials.. like the one for Walmart where the customer fails to make a purchase for a 55 inch HDTV (which is obviously not a necessity) but then the Walmart representative offered a line of credit. And the most ridiculous thing of all is layaway.. Who does that? And do they understand how the market works? lol
  • Brendon Tristal Yep they certainly have plenty of money to lay out to send out to everyone and their mother, an envelope, postage, and a fake credit card “gold” with your name here lol… very effective. I used to promote credit cards, and I’d get a $20 flat commission on all deals closed… just from posting a link
  • Brendon Tristal And lastly, does anybody even realize half of this so called “debt money” DOES NOT EVEN EXIST? It’s just numbers manipulated on computers.
  • Sky Angel yep the payday loans…ppl are stuck they do it, and its just a new era of new credit debt. unfortunately, I …tooo have to pay down that debt, and I didnt create it.
  • Brendon Tristal I wonder if all the strategic financial database nodes are protected from EMP attacks. I know their locations are not public information, but still.
  • Brendon Tristal The bankers loan out money that they don’t even have… it’s based on worthless paper, the Fed is broken! over $16 trillion worth of broken.
  • Brendon Tristal Do you know what the interest rates are on payday loans? Something outrageous like 40,000% lol
  • Sky Angel nope had no idea. cuz if i dont have the money i dont get it.
  • Brendon Tristal it’s SUPPOSED to be used for an emergency only, like if your car needs a new engine or whatever… but apparently FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE are “needing” FAST CASH $1000 for who knows what, at 2,000%APR, or they wouldn’t have COMPETITION in the short-term lo…See More
  • Brendon Tristal Loan sharks are probably a better deal, haha.
  • Sky Angel LOL yeah. credit card idiots who always spend money before they have their money. Thats what poor women like me pay for. Then if they lose their job they dont pay off those debts, and Im treated like its my debt. LOL uhm what ? I didn’t do it. Im not that stupid!
  • Brendon Tristal This entire nation’s financial system… no, the world actually.. is a total mess and i think coming close to a breakdown. And I’m not the only one who suspects that.
  • Brendon Tristal The End of the Gnome of Rome.
  • Brendon Tristal Actually, I’ve always believed that since the Industrial Revolution began, we’d eventually have more people than jobs. What then? Make-work projects? Yet we don’t even have any money to build a proper infrastructure… our bridges are in disrepair, it’s a national disaster when you really look at the numbers. We rely on all these old transmission systems and power plants… now we are finally constructing a new nuclear power plant, at least, because we’re going to need it. You have to burn a LOT of diesel fuel, coal, or whatever to get that magic stuff called ‘electricity’… when you buy food a lot of what you’re paying for is just the fuel used by machines to harvest, process, package, and transport the merchandise, and it’s all a big mess. I’m waiting for someone to let me fix it by writing a good essay filled with solutions people might be willing to invest in, but nobody seems to care. Lol.
  • Sky Angel coming too ? lol hate to break it to ya there Tristal…its did ..done broke. Good thing is my property is paid for, my car is paid for, and only thing I have to pay is my damned taxes. WHich I should not have to worry about. School tax? sure, road tax sure…but my property tax? hell no..I should not have property tax. I paid for it, own it…done bank gone its mine. And when the local can come in and take it away if I miss two yrs of payments they can sell it for me ? Pound salt. Property tax should be a thing of the past except on businesses.
  • Brendon Tristal I’m 33 years old now… and between jobs. I’m tired of being “overqualified” for EVERYTHING! There are no jobs! I might start trying to get a blog going. I have one, but I can be quite facetious at times, so I don’t know if I have any fans. I’m all over the Internet, but the blog is
  • Brendon Tristal Here in Missouri, I couldn’t believe it – EVERY YEAR YOU HAVE TO PAY PROPERTY TAX.. EVEN ON YOUR CAR(S)!
  • Brendon Tristal I’ve lived in NYC, NJ, FL… and seen a lot of weird stuff but nothing like this out here! Sure miss the food in NJ and NY!
  • Sky Angel Blogging is world its own. The last thing you want is to be labeled a biased person. We all have our opinions, and beliefs, but to be successful at it…dont be biased. You have to give room for creativity for one, and mistakes for another. Plus, room for equal opinion on both sides of the road.
  • Brendon Tristal I seriously fear for the future of this nation. Not sure WHAT to do about it, though. Everybody is just so complacent
  • Brendon Tristal Oh I am definitely biased, as you say, we all have biases. A blogger or politico is not a reporter, and doesn’t have to adhere to journalistic standards. So I kind of alternate my ‘online personalities’… people who have never met me think I’m schizophrenic or something, because I play different roles at times to gauge peoples’ reactions, just to keep my finger on the pulse of popular thinking
  • Brendon Tristal This nation is literally crumbling before our eyes… We are not that far behind Greece, and now we are looking at World War 3 on top of it… plus class warfare is alive and well right here, leading to real crime, and wars on gangs, poverty, social programs… The level of corruption is so great, every time funds pass through any entity, people stick their grubby little hands in the till. So nothing ends up getting done, and all our products are made in places like Mexico, China, India, Indonesia, Phillipines, South Korea…
  • Sky Angel Your right on that one of both of those not being a reporter, but I know of reporters who seem to be just that lol.
  • Brendon Tristal That’s where our “money” goes – offshore – to fund the growth of other growing up and coming industrial nations. I think it should be considered treason to borrow China’s money only to hand it right back to “purchase” their bogus knockoffs and fake products that were originally designed and engineered in the US. And our entire education system is laughable… since there’s no point in crying about it. lol
  • Sky Angel The blogosphere can be a competitive place I suppose, but it will take time to build it. I’m not sure of what financial gain you’ll ever get from it, but I guess if you shop around you just may land lucky somewhere.
  • Brendon Tristal We as a country are like the customers of those payday loans… we are China’s best customer.
  • Sky Angel yep we are that for sure.
  • Sky Angel which needs to slow down. I mean slow down to where I can hear the train wheels screething on the tracks. It’s time for AMerica to start exporting.
  • Brendon Tristal I doubt I’d make any signiificant income by blogging. But if I drive enough traffic, and stick an ad here or endorse a product or book there – which I’ve done before; in my younger years when I was going to school I also built websites. My best one was all about “how-to” topics… instructional writing, which I think I am good at. When I had my garage (before it burned down) I enjoyed showing and explaining, teaching my friends how cars work, engines, etc… it’s all very fascinating, the way they work and are made… so simple in concept but a real challenge to actually construct!
  • Brendon Tristal We had better start buying rare earth elements like hot potatoes from China, because they are going to stop selling to us soon. They also might not continue to accept the U.S. dollar as currency, along with the IMF, if the USD is no longer the global reserve currency… we are all so screwed.
  • Sky Angel Anything “good” in life takes time to construct, and meeting the challenges to do it is always consuming, and trying.
  • Brendon Tristal Unfortunately, I’m at a point now where I lack the means (in other words, I don’t have a laboratory or workshop, tools, etc.) or else I could be inventing and building lots of different things, computer peripherals, fun toys and stuff, and sell them on ebay… That’s what I might start doing next year, but I know nowthing about patent law. I don’t want to get robbed for a jackpot of an idea… I have lots of great ideas; I’ve told a trusted relative who is an engineer (the rest of my family is educators or government employees)
  • Brendon Tristal This stupid economy has me and a lot of people frustrated, not knowing what move to make. Indecisive. It sucks. lol.
  • Sky Angel Ive heard both sides of the story about US currency, and its diminishing value to other countries. But I have also heard there is no way the US is or ever will go broke. Well, if there only the rich factors supporting this country and making investments bec no one else will take a poor mans money…then I guess we’re really screwed.
  • Brendon Tristal It’s crazy; I used to make $60 an hour and now I’d be happy to take a job at McDonalds, but I’m overqualified. Of course.. the reasoning is that I’d just quit as soon as I find something better. Which is quite logical.. but where I live is a tourist town, Branson, MO, and the entire town shuts down and even the locals are out of work between Jan and Mar, they get laid off and collect unemployment. It’s quite bizarre.
  • Brendon Tristal Well, really what it comes down to is REAL STUFF, not money. People, gold, MILITARY POWER/ARMY/NAVY/NATIONAL DEFENSE, or, if need be, OFFENSE.
  • Sky Angel Investment companies make it hard for the average joe to invest because the required amount is outrageous. If I want to bet a dollar on grain, then I should be allowed to do so. I say go back to horse and buggy and let the damned bp sink.
  • Brendon Tristal Yeah it’s $1500 minimum to buy gold from Rosland Capital..
  • Brendon Tristal I was going to buy some palladium
  • Sky Angel I know about the real stuff. Thats why I leave my betting up to what my hand of cards have to give me at a EUCHRE table LOL
  • Brendon Tristal I wish I knew all the sneaky ways the wall street guys use to find their way around the financial markets… but it’s all speculation; they’re just incentivizing the market. Wall Street is the REAL government.
  • Brendon Tristal Even 7 dollars a trade is ridiculous, because it makes it impossible to make a speculative investment without taking a loss, so then you have to account (literally) for that difference and apply it to your trade formula
  • Brendon Tristal Why does anyone need a processing fee for me to lend out my money? I thought it worked the other way around, when you BORROW money you pay interest. But if you LEND money then you get hit that way, too haha
  • Brendon Tristal Mitt Romney didn’t win the seat of Chief Executive (POTUS, CEO) but I wouldn’t mind having his money. lol
  • Brendon Tristal Peter Griffin from Family Guy, or Seth MacFarlane, said, “We should all buy more American made products. Which at last check was down to porn and cheeseburgers.” LOL!
  • Sky Angel bec there is no regulation on fee’s. anyone can charge you a fee for having to charge you fee if they want. Ask Dell computers LOL…they do it.
  • Sky Angel Foo, gotta run Tristal, I’ll check out your site. Good luck to ya, hope things pan out the way you want! Merry Christmas
  • Brendon Tristal LOL One time I accidentally called Michael Dell’s partner… or one of them… and spoke to him on the phone. I had dialed an office in New York and it wasn’t registered as Dell anything. Who knows how these things work, but I want in lol

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