A New Economy of Social Justice… Is it possible?

I think what’s wrong with our financial system and society in general is that it’s all about individual, transactional “cost”… rather than cost and CONSEQUENCE… We use money as a tool, just like a hammer, a gun, a wrench, or a corkscrew. But the way it is looking to me lately, money has turned human beings into the tools.

Example: Futures markets. Ozone depletion; unintended consequences. I’m no environmental freak, but I do choke and get dizzy when a bus or a truck billowing black smoke passes by. The problem, as I see it, is that we are not willing to trust any authority to enforce regulations on finance, economy, environment, etc. This is something I have pondered since I was a child; nothing new to me. What solutions would I propose? Move to Mars? Seriously, that’s where we’re heading, maybe! ~Anyway, Mars terraforming notwithstanding, we can build enclaves right here on Earth. These goals… require sacrifices. The main question will be the distribution and intensity of sacrifice, and to whom, if anyone, exemptions will apply. My feeling is that to grant exemptions to (a ruling class or party) in order to accomplish a (short term) goal or task has become a self-perpetuating system of failure; an upside-down model of success. Pardon my rambling, but I could go on forever, if my life lasted that long.

One response to “A New Economy of Social Justice… Is it possible?

  1. I think the most important thing is to work to instill the ideal that it is not printed fiber money or even precious metals… OR EVEN FOOD.. that makes for a team, but the collaboration and proper allocation of these.

    I think perhaps establishing small groups of like-minded individuals with composite goals can create a profitable cooperative. I know there are many people with skills and experience as individuals who find it extremely difficult to prosper, but if we can combine various assets and contributions we can create revenue. The question then ensues: Who do you trust, why do you trust them, and where is the trust in others? This can be so s simple, yet IS so difficult. Any lawyers out there? haha!
    resources that makes for a functioning group.


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