The “Platinum Coin” Option ($1T Fed Reserve Deposit)

This is not a joke; it is deadly serious.  Because what it is doing is revealing to the public that this is how our entire fiscal system has been operating for quite some time… on FAKE MONEY… or rather, intangible assets.  Paper money is not even backed by anything; thus it is not ‘real’ – except to those who fall in line and use it as the only currency.  (Now it’s not even paper… it’s just numbers, called U.S. Dollars.)  But this ‘coin’ makes a total mockery of this system, and shows how VOLATILE the entire world economy really is.  THOSE with the authority (self-proclaimed, self-enforcing) set the values, and we call it “the free market”.  It is free to cheat for those who know how – and are willing, of whom there is no shortage.

3 responses to “The “Platinum Coin” Option ($1T Fed Reserve Deposit)

  1. All of this s going on at the same time: The revelation that we are living in a false economy; we are being handed fake money while ammunition shortages are leaving even police departments unable to maintain the stock required for police training


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