In America, the FALLING Hopes and Dreams of OUR Children: Better than MOST

Be thankful for what you have; if you are an American citizen or of an other, far less than perfect, but operating society… As we speak, today, and for thousands of years, humans have been exploiting “the underclass” quite successfully – so if you think you have it bad, just think of how little of our foreign aid we donate to these terrorist dictatorships full of innocent, starving families actually gets to those who need it, rather than pay for some armed palace used as a drug dealing office overseas. These are hard times for everyone, and evey more sadly, there are opportunities out there rejecting applicants for the most inane reasons.

I must add that we ABSOLUTELY need improvements in EDUCATION – Also, to go hand-in-hand with this, a major adjustment of our indoctrination and the impression we make on our students regarding our national pride, and its importance.  Yes, we must remain a sovereign nation, but that does not require us to instill in our young ones the mentality of bullying.  (On the other hand, some schools go to the opposite extreme, and suspend little boys for making the shape of a pistol with his finger and saying, Bang!” – that is absurd and going far overboard.  I heard about this story yesterday on TV news, where one of the hosts argued, had it been a girl doing the same thing, she would not even have been reprimanded, let alone suspended. 

We are a nation destroying ourselves in seemingly small ways like this.  We are training our children, who grow into adults, to be submissive to authority (I would ask, what is an authority figure?  Sandusky?)  and aggressive toward those who are not enemies but simply wear a different logo in the same game.  

It seems like a great training program for a nation’s self-destruction on the world stage, if these attitudes extend into global politics.  These are the types of issues that can lead to “civil war” – real, serious, massive disagreement over issues that may destabilize and make vulnerable our way of life as a nation.

-Ad hoc rambling thoughts (I apologize), 2013 January Brendon Tristal copyright.  Anyone and everyone who agrees – or even disagrees with a cogent argument – is more than welcome; I enjoy a healthy political debate, and we have real problems to overcome now.

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