MY hopes and dreams for the next four years of my country on the world stage

My hopes for MY country’s next FOUR (not “for” – I assume that’s a typo in your post) years? Subject to change, I wish that we maintain our national sovereignty and the security systems (I mean foreign, not domestic – i.e., the military) continue to safely keep a real, “hot” war well away from American shores, and far, far away from all of our land and territories. Also on my wish list is a cleaner, neater mesh between the finances and industrial and environmental regulations among ALL nations who trade with us. This means that if China, for example, does not follow the same regulations as those imposed on an equivalent competing business based in the US, then those overseas companies AND/OR FACTORIES (whether the factory is owned by US businessmen, terrorists, or the PRC), shall be subject to economic sanctions, to be exponentionally increased after each offense or demonstrated noncompliance with these environmental and worker safety/livelihood standards established by agencies in the USA, such as the EPA and OSHA.

It is ONLY FAIR and it is the ONLY WAY American jobs and industry can be saved. As it stands now, our country is headed downhill so fast it’s not even funny – that’s why nobody is willing to even laugh. We pass incredibly strict regulations here in the US, allegedly in the interest of “global” consequences… yet we are calling the kettle black by purchasing (often counterfeit) products that make a mockery of US patent and trade laws. In many cases, these counterfeit goods use the brand name – Rolex, BMW, or whatever it is – and in many cases, including Apple, entire FACTORIES are built, to the EXACT specifications of the real products. Obviously, corporate espionage is alive and well. But these foreign governments have NO interest in enforncing American trade laws for us.

We need to stop FLUSHING OUR COUNTRY DOWN THE PROVERBIAL TOILET by outsourcing our jobs, allowing other countries to steal our copyrights and patents, make profits by employing slaves… on merchandise that is all routinely shipped to US… material that WE pay for using a Chinese credit card. It’s like monopoly money, fake products, fake money, slavery, and corruption. War is not an option.

If we want progress, we need a REAL grassroots organization that refuses to fund such manufacturers – and ESPECIALLY refuse to fund TERRORISTS through illegal means such as these. You can’t control where your money goes in the long run, thanks to straw men and other companies – but we sure ought to try. Economic sanctions need to favor US more than THEM… and yes, I’m using those as generic terms: ‘US’ versus ‘THEM’.

Sincerely, Brendon Tristal
2013 January 19

(My response from Piers Morgan’s Facebook post:

Tune in this evening for a special Piers Morgan Tonight, on the eve of the U.S. presidential inauguration, presidential historians Doris Kearns Goodwin and Douglas Brinkley share their expectations for Barack Obama‘s 2nd term. What are your hopes for the country’s next for years?”)

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