Branson Economic Development Brainstorming

Brendon Tristal I think that OVERALL, the main problem with Branson in general is that it is too specialized… For example, say you have a family or a group going on a fishing or camping trip. Or a married couple with young adult children… The ziplines and scant other features are among the only reasons single or younger adults would want to visit Branson. We need to DIVERSIFY, rather than focusing on country music. The Branson Landing is nice, but there isn’t even an indoor mall in the area!

DARE I suggest LOWERING prices… even for tourists… even lowering taxes… ? Perhaps thinking outside of the box by opening several parks with eateries, delicatessens, some GOOD FOOD… I’m from NJ and trust me, the food here is disgusting in comparison. You can’t even find a decent slice of pizza.

We’ll NEVER get foot traffic like that in New York City. It’s just not going to happen. And sadly, Springfield is not much better. So! That leads us to focus on something big, something significant, something that will bring the traffic we need: THE LAKE!

If you can zone some nice real estate, such as that of the Chateau on the Lake resort, for a new, modern corporate office – with a modular design of construction allowing it to start small, and then grow over the next few years as the word gets out that younger adults can find good work in a beautiful area and a great place to raise a family – especially where that business serves Branson’s tourism and local community through various technical means… we could be sitting on a gold mine. Stormy Point burned down recently; so that vacant spot might be a good location…

Remember, the real estate rates are so low here compared to metropolitan areas… if you add a few tax incentives and perhaps offer some green energy or other DOE grants… it could be a perfect opportunity. But it would definitely need a good management team with experience in marketing that idea to groups across the country. Just thinking out loud… sorry.

4 responses to “Branson Economic Development Brainstorming

  1. “Family Friendly” and “Gambling” are, possibly mistakenly, seen as mutually exclusive. Either way, if I were to bet on it, I’d say a little gambling on the lake or wherever would bring in huge revenue and have very little negative impact on the ‘family friendly’ aspect of the town. I mean, come on. There is legal gambling at every gas station, not to mention alcohol and cigarettes; and then you’ve got guns as well. Why not gambling? Seriously? Whoever is running that show right now… that’s okay… but believe me, the laws will change.


  2. ^Also note that my proposal could cause real estate rates to SKYROCKET, giving Branson the REAL boost it so desperately needs. As it stands now, Branson is surrounded by buildings that are brand new and in foreclosure; developments nearly completed but shut down just prior to opening. … driving real estate and local economy straight down. I know there are many possible solutions… what I’d like to see discussed openly here which of them would be the most effective… We’ll see what happens. Hoping for the best for Branson 2013!


  3. I work in the industry here myself, and I know what tourists have to say about Branson. It is what it is, there is only so much that is financially feasible. There are ghetto areas and hotels that post weekly rates and nightly rates that are all but false advertising, and for the locals who live here, they are trapped in their selection of supermarkets. Transportation is also an issue for the elderly who do not drive, and many tourists are not (like Disneyland) flying from across the nation – they are taking a weekend vacation and have a conservative budget. The point is, it’s critical to address all segments of the market, rather than focusing on the high-end (such as timeshares) – after all, even the locals need to have fun, and if their pay cannot afford to even enjoy the entertainment in their own town, it can lead to a downward spiral and high turnover. After all, these are the people – the young, the middle-aged, and the elderly – WORKING in minimum wage positions serving the wealthy. It is, I suppose, without getting too political, a microeconomy of where the entire nation is heading.


  4. The main point of my post is not only valid in my experience, directly with tourists – that there is all but nothing here for younger people … but traffic has also been a consistent complaint. Coupling families who live locally with children in college, also locally, would/should pump revenue into the system and stimulate growth, particularly for the businesses that are open year-round. Not to mention THEIR extended families coming to Branson to visit, bringing even more income and diversity to the area.

    So, I would postulate that my post promotes Branson BOTH as a tourist destination AND a community.


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