Education goes a long way for young children… The best investment we can make?

Montclair State University

CERTIFICATE (Advanced extracurricular college program for “Talented and Gifted” students, MICROELECTRONICS AND ROBOTICS

1989 – 1990
Activities and Societies: At ten years old, I received excellent instruction and education from the professor, Dr. Robert Dorner. All these years later, I still remember his name: Being the excellent teacher he is, he took time out of the day and he would let me stay after class ended and discuss very interesting and intellectually stimulating theories.

In this class, there were many projects and challenges – which I always enjoy. It would be
absolutely wonderful if our present system of public education would “police itself” – what I mean is, in the private sector, checks and balances are well established to gauge an employee’s ROI. But in a public education system where the teachers only have to show up and basically pretend to do their job, going through the motions simply to maintain “Employed” status.

I’ve had some EXCELLENT teachers, fortunately – some so inspirational and passionate about not only the work, but integrating the subject matter with hypothetical real-world scenarios, for instance. For me, that just might be the most important positive attribute of an educator – going above and beyond, and TEACHING students to ENJOY the subject matter. When this happens, the results are almost miraculous – you get the students cooperating and studying with each other – perhaps even a little friendly competition.

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