My comment(s) today to the Ed Show MSNBC: Terror and Resources

(mocking Obama’s quote being aired now) “We must ACT!  (While our fierce competitors and cheaters in the PRC and other communist nations who have no EPA regs, ripping us off, lending us funny money that we use to buy their counterfeit products and/or legitimate technology, built on slave labor and the destruction of the planet Earth’s resources… )  What?  How must we ACT?  Last time I checked, China had a space program, and now North Korea does, as well.  We will get plenty of lies from “the right” – but when you use such language, you simply POLARIZE and ISOLATE Americans, dividing us rather than uniting us.  You want a centrist idea?  You want to think globally?  Here’s my advice:  REJECT EVERY SINGLE SHIPMENT OF TECHNOLOGY THAT ARRIVES AT OUR PORTS FROM COUNTRIES WHO CHEAT US, PLAY US AS FOOLS, BANKRUPT US, AND LAUGH AS WE BICKER ABOUT SMOG, EMISSIONS, AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  It is time to take DRASTIC ACTION and turn this country around!  We need America to have an AMERICAN economy, with trade partners who are ALLIES, not bedgrudging trade partners.  Impose tarriffs and even embargoes before it’s too late – the voice of Hillary Clinton is not stronger than the military might of terrorists and our enemies.  And GOD FORBID should terrorist organizations and our formal enemies unite against us!  That would pulverize us into ash so much finer than any soil from which we may have been borne.

2 responses to “My comment(s) today to the Ed Show MSNBC: Terror and Resources

  1. Some of the banking regulations amount to legal ROBBERY…. straight up. Why aren’t those responsible in prison, and those rules reversed? Hmmm?? HMMMM?
    4 minutes ago · Like
    Brendon Tristal Oh crap. The next segment is about Wall Street and the bailouts. That is really depressing… the harm and destruction wrought upon the people of America by these actions and actors is literally IMMEASURABLE… and certainly painful.


  2. The definition of denial is refusing to admit you either do not believe in or are unwilling to practice in your own life the sacrifices necessary to… say… consume your “fair shair” (per capita) of energy, burn not one more ounce of gasoline or jet fuel than all of the others who are supposedly equal, and, for self-proclaimed leaders in such matters – refusing to follow or practice what you preach. Notice I’m not naming any names.


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