Why religions exist… (at least one function) – social advancement and preservation

This is why religions exist… to keep people in line out of situations like this: Because stuff like this (murder/killing) is a pretty ordinary result of that “sinful” behavior.

I didn’t say it was SUCCESSFUL. In fact, my point… or at least, my thoughts are… that it often BACKFIRES, causing people to try to be someone who they are not – we are humans; and according to many religions we are all “sinners” – it’s when people take their religion and use it as a shield to hide from the reality of their feelings… for example – and this is just one example – when a man (or a woman) has lustful feelings toward someone who is not their girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband. There is no doubt that there is a difference between lust and love… And so few Americans bother to balance the two into one. lol

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