When an abuse victim’s attacker is released; OUR FUTURE = OUR CHILDREN they MATTER

 I know so much about this and the dynamics that play into abusive relationships… if you can even call them relationships… because of the exclusive relationship I had with Cristalla.  I guarantee you that if if either of us had died, the survivor AND the deceased victims would be slandered and character-assassinated to no end.  But those techniques only work on “squares” – strict “religious” persons, who judge and put down people for not following their sexual moral codes (I have YET to EVER find ANY girl who does not make ME be the one to refuse and say, “No, I don’t think it’s time yet… it’s too soon”…. From a cultural and historical + religious history perspective, if you look at why certain sexual judgments and demands were instituted and demanded by various churches, you see that they have adapted according to circumstance.  That is all fine and well; no doubt – except for the little fact that many young teens – partly due to skipping classes, partly due to sex ed classes being ommitteed from their circculum… are still subject to male dominance, with nobody to turn to for help.  I have seen someone’s perception of love become so warped and entangled with other issues so as to to become totally invalidated as love whatsoever…. ||| Anyone who doesn’t think there is any comparison between what HELL i have been through, and continue to suffer from – and many of the items touched on in this case…  needs to know that there is a LOT more “REALITY” involved than some hot-shot “prosecutor” trying to talk down through his pair to the friends of the person HE is trying to sign the MURDER LICENSE of EXECUTION by theatrically convincing the jury tells me this guy (prosecutor) doesn’t deep down give a damn whatsoever, no matter what he claims on TV.  Of course he is going to say what he must say to the media!  But I am not foolish enough – vain enough – stupid enough to fall for obvious theatrics from a guy who is supposed to uphold the law —- who (purports) to do so — by manipulating the evidence photographs and reports to sway the jury (or so he hopes) so emotionally powerfully and deeply mentally, that they, the jury, loses the ability to make their own judgment – and the end result being, the jury, feeling baffled within their own minds, flock to the opinion of “The State”, because of the relationship between civilians and law enforcement that is perpetuated intentionally by rule and law of civilian law enforcement.  What the prosecutor is doing is trying to scream the jury into submission and making them feel guilty of Travis’s death, should they DARE come back with a NOT GUILTY verdict.  

I don’t see a NOT GUILTY verdict coming back on this one – no, not even despite Casey and OJ and all.  But I definitely see something significantly less than “Murder 1” with Death “penalty”.  

The death penalty sacrifices the ability of psychiatrisits and neurologists to study compliant convicts, who may then advance the science that may allow us to evaluate past, present, and future performance of male and female individuals on various bases.

Facebook itself is gathering that data, even from comments such as this one right here.  Google, as well… All of them are gathering that data, and as it is getting compiled, we should be seeing SOME decrease in “snapped” cases…. However, they’d better hurry up – because something (and I think i know what!!!!) may have triggered the recent string of nearly routine shootings throughout the nation.  We had better come up with valid, operational means to avoid or reduce/prevent STRATEGIC violent “massacres” (I do not think they are RANDOM).  

What next tomorrow?  When will it stop?  How will it stop?  Ahhh… I challenge ANY of you in this room to tell me any way that makes sense for the government to prevent small to mid scale shootings and kidnappings.  

The argument about “guns” or “gun control” really IS a distraction and also a farce.  After one evaluates all the expenditures made by these “anti gun” commissions, and the social strife that results from it, it is obvious that guns or violence is just Plain Jane ordinary politics 101.  Like Syria and Egypt and Lybia…. now we are reaching that point too.  It was the Tea Party a while back… then the Anonymous and Occupy movements… This isn’t a joke!   This isn’t a movie!  This is REAL.   

And I”M sick of people thinking they can sit around in their comfy chairs and write laws and orders, as our nation continues to fall.  You know the statistics of crime and murder and drugs of inner city ghettos versus suburban homes of the working class?  Well THAT is now creeping into the MIDDLE CLASS and has been for quite some time.  

Maybe I should write a real article on this, citing precise facts  from various sources to make my own strong points about where we are heading and if a dozen jurors need a picture of a slashed neck to wake up…. then God help us.. what will it take to wake up the population at large?  –bt2013jan31

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