1 Nation, Divisible by GOD – Destruction is up to us!

Just woke up to Rachel Maddow show.

WOW… We are ONE NATION, not “indivisible”, but rather ONE NATION, DISIVISIBLE BY GOD  – ONE NATION, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE ARE WRECKED.  We have the “Religious Right” focusing on things like abortion control, banning drugs, abortion, and telling everybody what to do with their lives – in addition to extremist right-wing groups who are willing to organize REAL militias (P.S. if this “well-regulated militia” is regulated by the very government the 2nd amendment was built and desgined to protect… THAT IS NOT WELL-REGULATED.  That’s like hiring the same attorney who represents the big insurance company that screwed you out of your car and is negotiating a personal damages claim.  That’s like… Ever see the Pawn Stars tv show?  To paraphrase one of the owners: “I’m in the business of making money, and if I took every customer that walked in here’s word for it that their product (was legitimate, worth so and so, etc.) then he clearly states he’d be a pawnbroker quickly without a business.  

I saw it coming when I was a young TEENAGER… And I had a strong feeling that it would take place in my middle to late thirties.  Seemed an eternity away back then, but that was how I figured it…. And now I am approaching my mid thirties, and I am seeing not just this country but this entire WORLD – global economy and politics, terrorism, warfare, and on and on and on – it is now reaching what is is known as “the point of no return” … after which, it becomes nearly impossible (short of some miracle or international cooperation superceding ordinary routes of communications) to turn it around and make it profitable.  

Once that happens, as history has always taught us, the currency is devalued, and rendered worth-less than even the cash value of the “paper” and fibers and ink that it is printed on (the value is in the technology at the mint at which it was created – the machines and robots that create these identitiy thieves with serial numbers (cash)… and the distributed secure computer systems that keep a running ‘tab’ or tally (just like at a bar, only I’m talking about credit cards, loans, vehicle and college debt, etc.)… That is all the proof you need to know that WE ARE LIVING ON PURE FAITH RIGHT NOW… and that faith can be measured by how much value businesspeople place on each US dollar.  Many small businesses will be hurt very badly this year… from energy extraction, refinement, and distribution to transportation expenses (which are mandatory) and STILL we do not have a really strong portion of newer vehicles on the road that use electric power (the obvious advantage of using GROUND-BASED power as opposed to the very STRICT weight-to-power ratio high combustible, the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) – Why are we using that?  Worse yet, why are we using so much OIL to produce ELECTRICITY?  Sometimes getting an electric car can cost you MORE, and can also lead to producing MORE environmental pollutants.  You may not smell anything at the tailpipe so much, but believe it, there is a coal factory, a nuclear power plant, or an oil burner somewhere belching out smoke – of course the exhaust is scrubbed thoroughly but keep in mind every time you start your ALL electric car, you are in fact introducing “EPA acceptable” levels of mercury, among other toxins (such as carbon dioxide, possibly carbon monoxide, sulfur, slightly radioactive materials naturally present in coal, and so on… Where do people think electricity comes from?  I really wish more people knew the laws of coversation of energy and mass… it is extremely simple, though some may be thrown off by the various factors that can DRASTICALLY change the figures- but that’s no big deal.  For example, if you spent the past 20 years heating your house and cooking with electricity rather than natural gas or LPG such as propane….and then one year you spend two months converting to piped-in natural gas to heat your water, your air, your food, and so on..And in the process, you upgraded your windows to vacuum dual-pane and modernized your insulation, purchased a new hot water heater with a much higher efficiency rating (perhaps even an “on-demand” model, which, rather than heating 40,50, 85, or 250 gallons of near-boiling hot water maintained at that temperature regardless of whether it’s being used – again, INSULATION is key… you could INTEGRATE all of the different forms of energy that we have right here in America.  

Yes, I know these resources are GLOBAL COMMODITIES.  But I also know that we need to CRACK DOWN on a lot of this cold-war style stuff, because now we have a REAL crisis in the Middle East – there is no one of importance who doubts that, especially now with the collapsing of Syria and the “new” Egyptian government.  We need to be holding on to our POWER and ENERGY…. either as a strategic reserve (some of which has been depleted in the past recession).  We can’t go in using our military might in order to muscle our way to drive pipelines and extraction rigs by threatening and/or paying off these OPEC nations, because that behavior is the exact same as the Mafia.  Nothing against the Mafia but last I checked, the US government and the Mafia don’t always get along, except in very rare cases (Al Capone days, etc. lol)

Speaking of commodities, oil transport and processing is of course costly, especially to produce/refine safely – and extract responsibly.  We need to pass a law that I am guessing will never be passed that at least manages these natural resources – responsibly, both environmentally and financially in the interest of the United States of America.  Yes, I really do think it will get that bad.  Ever see on NatGeo the survivalist shows?  That’s what we need to be doing – buying rare earths and precious metals from China, since they have a stranglehold on it, and it looks like they are cutting us out.  If that happens, the effects will filter down to all of our technology.  

Food is another commodity, as well as an internal, underground, aboveground, or space relay system that could be used to transfer power…. electric, gas, coal, what have you… from one area to another with surprisingly fast reaction times; all of this is coinciding with “green” environmentally friendly systems that intentionally draw nicely on the grid (as in a commercial or industrial application).. And then there is the rest of our infrastructure, blah blah blah we all know about that.

And remember:  Cheaters like China don’t spend trillions on doing things the clean and healthy way.  They have such a smog problem they have to wear masks over their faces and are told to remain indoors.

We need a system or a group of people who are willing to come together and build.  We can start small, and communicate globally.  We can learn from our experiences in the builds we do.  When we submit the final blueprint, let’s see what they say!  (j/k about that last sentence! LOL)


Brendon Tristal
February 01, 2013

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