NEEDS EDIT Violence in America: An ingrained culture; a homicidal strain of DNA? Lynch mobs, a killer culture on the brink?

(first referring to my ex girlfriend and best friend, now deceased – Cristalla Vaccarella – to establish my stance or viewpoint in the following train-of-thought comment I posted to In Session regarding the Jodi Arias murder case (death penalty):


(Quoting myself):  “That girl, “beheaded disabled abuse victim”…. Was the love of my life and I know more than anyone alive about her life story and the things she has been through. And still I would be FURIOUS and in legitimate SHOCK … I may even need medical attention for a panic attack…. If anyone slammed a picture of her in front of me, ESP. Due to what her religious feelings were and her worst fears, it is appalling and showing me those pictures won’t bring her back. If she were alive then it’s a different story. By the way I’m taking both points of view into consideration: that of an abuse victim, Jodi, and that of another type of victim, those who have lost a loved one.. And a third viewpoint nobody here ever considers: what if YOU knew the story of what happened and Jodi really was abused … Not saying she was or wasn’t but consider I come from the point of view of the mob or crowd of TOTAL STRANGERS who never knew her other than as this or that news headline ie “disabled beating and abuse victim beheaded” … When u know she is innocent or justified. I haven’t had time to follow all of this case by any means but I am saying I know how quickly people take a small set of data and spin it into some conclusion that is totally wrong. And I’ll conclude by saying that many people are sentenced to death who are later proven totally innocent. Ok now we have one dead victim and imagine you love BOTH Jodi and Travis… Say, like their friends on the stand maybe? One dead now… All that can happen next is ANOTHER KILLING! So then u lose TWO loved ones. What the hell? What kind of shit is that? I can’t believe we call ourselves civilized when many of us are nothing more than a wannabe virtual lynch mob. Yes I typed lynch mob tho my iPhone tried to autocorrect it to lunch mob. Why didn’t it like the word lynch at first, hmm? Just a guess.. Because it is antiquated! Lynch mobs and witch hunts have no place anywhere in society today… But oh wait, here they are! Alive and well. Some lines of DNA somehow persist… As a result we have people with genes in line with those who are going out and gunning people down at grade schools. Violence is not acceptable- that means no! Doesn’t mean it’s ok if you feel they deserve it! Hypocrisy! Just think of the man whose wife’s killer gets away w murdering his wife who goes out vigilante justice and kills the killer. What if he was wrong? Better yet what if all violence is unacceptable because once you allow your mind to EMBRACE violence- that is homicidal ideation; becoming passionately angry and aggressive trying to incur another killing .. A state sanctioned legal killing! That is totally nuts, and I really am starting to wonder as I write this whether there is something in people’s DNA that makes those same people genetically more disposed to join a Real lynch mob… Think Casey and zimmermanm. – Who pick up a gun and (insert any perverse and false “rationale” here) – kill others, kidnap a child…. There is a line there and I think it is as simple as believing you have or WOULD EVER HAVE the AUTHORITY, RIGHT, or JUSTICE-ficTATION (sorry for the incomplete pun/new word)… And it connects killers to the Dr Jekyll mr Hyde risk. Look at this post, I apologize it is so long and jumbled but I’m typing on a tiny phone and no keyboard, no edit. Consider from a scientific perspective now, why we have a culture of violence and crime in America. Many of us are lawfully indoctrinated into it! Though that may be, or is, changing… Then we get into multiculturalism in public schools and then u realize y I do not call myself a Republican or Democrat. What’s in school textbooks… Teaching Tolerance… NRA.. Audubon Society I’ve been members of all three and many more… Scientific journals, as well. Sincerely, Brendon Tristal January 31 2013 extemporaneous typing unedited

Sent from my iPhoneAn extemporaneous quote of myself today, re: Jodi Arias trial, and lynch mobs/witch hunts

Author: Brendon Tristal January 31, 2013

An extemporaneous quote of myself today, re: Jodi Arias trial, and lynch mobs/witch hunts.  Typing on my tiny iphone, this is just free thinking/floating… no post-processing or editing.  However, I think I introduce some valid points I may expound upon in the future.

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