Jodi Arias and more on American psychological culture

I think Jodi suffers from a severe form of psychological disorder. One that is far more common and “normal” than many think. At any rate, I do not and never will agree with “the death penalty”…. for whoever does, there should be held a raffle that determines who gets to stand around the accused and take the first WHACK at her with a spikey baseball bat, so they can satisfy their bloodlust. Who knows? Maybe they’ll get addicted to the “high” of whacking someone with a spiked club and hearing their screams, guilty or not becoming irrelevant and then moving on to a position of political power.
  • Brooke Olson You lost me when you said her psychological disorder was “normal”. I hope for all of us that you’re wrong.
  • Brendon Tristal No refunds; sorry. In fact, no apologies. I put “normal” in quotes because the condition is not yet accepted: Just like being black wasn’t accepted at some point in time and space, and gay marriage, and so on. In fact, “NORMAL” was my operative adjective to get the attention of the reader (you)… Now define normality. Divorce is now normal. Depression, esp. undiagnosed cases, is extremely high. Bullying in school also falls into that category. That’s my artistic license – I challenge the reader whilst opening his or her viewpoint on an issue, and perhaps even redefine certain behavior as “normal” – i.e. NOT pathological. And when I write things like this I just wrote now… is usually when many people unfriend me or whatever. So I just wanted to express my opinion, and by the way, I think I am correct yet hope I am wrong, too. But everything I know tells me that this schizophrenic country in a multiracial, multicultural world that itself is literally and physically in fact BI-POLAR (North, South = 2 poles….. plus or minus, 1s and 0s… BINARY SYSTEM at many levels. There are physicists with proof now of discoveries that if they told the populace of it, they would be executed or excommunicated. Yeah, that’s the pattern in history – nobody wants to hear it even with proof… The most intelligent people are often ostracized and if not, then they are often lonely because they cannot find others with similar interests. That of course is why the WORLD WIDE WEB (beginning with the mail service and printing press) and the exchange of information between scientists has and does play a most critical role in transferring ideas.

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