Piers Morgan Gun Control

 I’m done defending the geniuses and heroes – real, war heroes… who founded this country esp. with this Piers Morgan and his accent. If people think they have the right to take away the rights of others, they should think once, twice, thrice, and yet again before they come to their false conclusions. No video games, no guns, no books, if you don’t fit in to the ‘norm’ then you are mentally ill… This entire SOCIETY is MENTALLY ILL… just look around you! It’s not that hard! In fact, it’s a direct causal relationship (akin to PTSD). Meanwhile let’s trample the Bill of Rights, led by a non-US citizen… What next, lock up everyone who plays video games or has some kind of “mental illness” – for example, smoking, or drinking too much soda. Am I the only one who is seeing where this is heading? Or thinks it is ridiculous?

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