GOOG | AAPL | MSFT = American Civil War. At least the actual factories are overseas. As our generation permanently loses its ability to build, we are slaves of our success. [needs edit]

So what do u think of the new Google collaborative networking setup? I tested it out today.
You know, google drive, google maps, google face recognition, google earth, analytics, google maps, google space, google universe, google NASA (lol).. google INsourcing… driving cars… that will put a lot of drivers out of work i guess… lol… I think I really need to do a LOT more investigating into GOOG, and AAPL, and now this…. collaborative file sharing in the cloud but even more than that… it’s pretty incredible…. TOO BAD all these wars are going on, but the wars are caused by x and y which were produced by b and a, now being solved by binary conversion… who would have thought REAL, DEADLY SERIOUS NUCLEAR WAR a la WORLD WAR 3 would end up coming about this way. I mean everyone knows it’s just history lessons but the stuff i’m seeing now literally FORCES the hands of those in power… a nice way of saying, this is tying their hands behind their backs. What I hadn’t anticipated decades ago was that America could SO QUICKLY devolve over just the past half century… Ughh! We have so many burners going and nobody’s watching the hot pots… Iran, Korea, Africa, Middle East, financial crisis, war, no clean water…I always saw it coming but I guess I fail the part of intelligence quotient tests that shows whether one has an innate ability to foresee the inconceivable by means of mathematics. It’s so fast now, that the economy and border patrol and modes of transportation and tax structures in which nation to build a factory and the price of gas oil and butter… oh yeah and tomatoes.

I actually strategically relocated out of a high value terrorist target city in anticipation of this. And when we humans aren’t fighting each other, we get tsunamis and Superstorm Sandys. Brendon Tristal out, logging at 10:28am central US time and 2013 (obviously) february 21st.

i think i might actually write a professional review on it… it’s revolutionary.

And to all of you who have read this rambling, disjointed article about the state of the disunion – I thank you and appreciate your interest in the subject matter. To answer a common question: Yes, I do have proposals to solve these extraordinarily humongous problems, be they financial, crime, pop culture, even music… the stock market, currencies… and no, btw, I don’t (believe it or not) jump on the “BUY GOLD!” bandwagon. It’s a LOu more complicated than fiat currency going bust at a global bankruptcy level. These are very serious things, and wars are things none of us lust after (unless we are sociopathic, lol) but we MUST protect our interests and do the very damned best possible job of maintaining stability and faith and confidence throughout this transition period… I see and read a lot of just absolute nonsense going around about the world is going to collapse and blah blah blah… As if it’s news. That’s not news. In fact, it’s so NOT news that if you tried to search the Library of Congress for citations, you QUITE LITERALLY may be reading off of ANCIENT STONES and BONES. (DNA, human civilization, ancient forms of government, studies on converging what we’re learned how “specialized” we and our brains have adapted or evolved – while the systems of balance and regulation we all need, we come to realize it may well be intrinsic to our very DNA. The next question is, how has it diversified; how will power be distributed, and … truly it saddens me to say this…. but… who or what is going to take the job of obstructing sovereignty? This, I think, has so much more potential to cause human casualties and disasters – and then we get back to our nanobots and vehicles; due to capitalism many have just about absolute zero value in practice but hold sentimental, instructional, or psychological value** the issue will be moot.
I wanted to make a joke about the flintstones or something but I need a Venn diagram in 3d able to collaborate with talent across the world in order to solve this thing. Because it’s a real problem and we can avert a horrific tragedy by taking the proper steps… But no one is in charge… Our governments are not doing their jobs… Or perhaps they are, and forgot to tell me about it.

Anyway, this is mathematically impossible to continue – the PLANET will not sustain it.  But it could, if we could cooperate.  In the end, it doesn’t really matter – it’s what you believe in, and what you can do to keep cohesive populations with friends and neighbors who are educated and respect all.  When the time comes, one fiat currency on a fractional reserve system going global digital into outer space… literally… I know there will be errors, but I just hope America is going to work TOGETHER with our neighbors rather than look like one interncontinental PRISON RIOT!!!!!!!

Brendon Tristal

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