Panic mode governments not backed by unlimited credit… just a blurb

Looks like a lot of governments are running out of money and using scare tactics to pass laws that end up doing more harm than good, because they do it in a pretty room, and the separation of powers are sneaking each other toilet paper messages when we’re not looking (like in that movie V for Vendetta lol
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Brendon Tristal This entire “ID checking” thing is in its infancy. How do they expect some clerk to read a holographic encoded card simply to prove you are 21.000 * (365*4-1, roughly) on a given day…. What difference does that make? Don’t drink and drive…. why not focus on THAT!!!!!!! THAT is the problem… Not to mention it presents a GOD-AWFUL (yes, i just used that phrase… now you know i don’t live in nj anymore lol) role model system …. they are Associating PHYSICAL/CHRONOLOGICAL “maturity” with the ability to mess up your body with booze and smoke sends a signal that AMPLIFIES the demand for product IN YOUNG MARKETS by stylizing it. It’s all just BS and a scam, because either nobody really gives a damn about reality and consequences because they’re so dang specialized and can’t see the forest for the trees, or they think something is a great idea just because it’s introduced in the form of a bill – WITH NO LOGICAL FOUNDATION! Passed by hype and lies. How dare anyone challenge the public health and criminal consequences caused by alcohol… As you sip your wine. At least you can say you tried. I just think there has to be a way to push through the crosstalk and interference and radio noise and misreading of study results. No, I know there is. Question is, will it happen. I hope yes, gradually. And for the record, I agree that underage persons should not be permitted to purchase potentially harmful products, as they are not emancipated. As for alcohol… whatever… Every time I drive I hope the tough new DUI laws are in effect… tho out around here ppl drive w no insurance, no inspection, no title no tag… it’s wild west out here. lol

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