The consequences of mentioning Wally World in a blog. Lol.

  • Brooke Olson Working for Walmart is a joke but their crap is cheap.
    Brendon Tristal Not to mention it’s also crap. Oh wait.. you said that already, lol.
    Brendon Tristal Worse yet, it’s mostly all Made in China shit.
    Brendon Tristal I’m not saying NOTHING should be “Made in China”… which can mean either Taiwan or the communist PRC… but I AM saying that NOT EVERYTHING should be “Made in China” for SURE!
    Brendon Tristal Every time you buy stuff at Walmart Made in China, you are sponsoring human trafficking and slavery cartels, who work their “employees” under their B.S. economy for literally slave wages… and before you say “slave wages” is an oxymoron, let me tell you: that was my point. lol.
    Brendon Tristal Also, Walmart itself is an American corporate monster of greed.
    Brendon Tristal In fact, Sam Walton is probably rolling in his grave, seeing what sort of animal that is his brainchild… Like Dr. Albert Einstein after helping create the atomic bomb, and Dr. Albert Hoffmann after synthesizing and then promoting the drug LSD-25 (lysergic acid diethylamide no. 25, accidentally ingested by Dr. Hoffmann while working at his lab by absorbing it through his skin)
    Brendon Tristal You see, it is my belief that ALL of us “homo sapiens” are inherently human, and it is in our nature to behave in manners similar to those of our alleged predecessors of the Animal Kingdom. According to that theory (evolution), in fact, if you let me say the following, I doubt it could be challenged: We, the human race, are neither good nor evil, but instead are akin to the cute puppy or kitten that viciously attacks and tortures its prey.
    Brendon Tristal From that perspective, God would be looking down at us saying, “Aww, how cute” as we tear each other to bloody bits and shreds, like the masters of cute pets.
    Brendon Tristal How cute!

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