Walgreen Co. Stock – my humble analysis and opinion

Since relocating, I switched from CVS to WalMart. Walmart was a joke; Walgreen Co. / Duane Reade is doing very well. Not every instance is perfect or wven within protocol but my personal experience with Walgreens over the past few continuous years has shown me that they are definitely professional grade, even out here in Middle America (where we ‘yankees’ are often snubbed. As a private customer overall I would class it in the market stratosphere equivalent of a textbook example. Whatever proprietary measures they use — they work. I rate this as a very strong company with a brand that is becoming a mainstay, out here in the midwest. CVS began construction nearby and the employees at 210 Branson 76 aren’t scared. I’ll be sticking with my local Walgreens, and the ONLY reason is the quality and diversity of the app. I must mention, however, your internal data systems “text alerts” are often false; I have traveled to the pharmacy for a confirmed “ready” only to stand around for 13 minutes or so. I would suggest implementing a time delay between the process authorization host system and integrate a more accurate rather than misleading result to the customer. I have seen customers time and again arguing over that one more than once… I suggest implementing a specified, calculated delay built in if it is not feasible just yet to tx confirmation that is not false. Collateral damage of this sort can cost customers en masse… Thank you. -Brendon Tristal

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