My newly-formed theory of realitelevicity….. Forming new cities by creating cultures through mass media. New idea, I swear. 😉

So what do u think of the new Google collaborative networking setup? I tested it out today.
You know, google drive, google maps, google face recognition, google earth, analytics, google maps, google space, google universe, google NASA (lol).. google INsourcing… driving cars… that will put a lot of drivers out of work i guess… lol… I think I really need to do a LOT more investigating into GOOG, and AAPL, and now this…. collaborative file sharing in the cloud but even more than that… it’s pretty incredible…. TOO BAD all these wars are going on, but the wars are caused by x and y which were produced by b and a, now being solved by binary conversion… who would have thought REAL, DEADLY SERIOUS NUCLEAR WAR a la WORLD WAR 3 would end up coming about this way. I mean everyone knows it’s just history lessons but the stuff i’m seeing…

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  1. Intercontinental prison riot seems to now, all this time since writing this article, have begun to build actual potential. Pretty scary. Oh well. I will know what happens when I see it happening; lol.


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