Terror tactics for global cooperation? War in the name of peace, rehashed?

  1. You see on the news lately, the emphasis on global enemies of our species and our very world – such as asteroid strikes, meteors, planetary collisions, aliens, a global financial collapse, even climate change… These efforts are used to SHOW A COMMON ENEMY … UNITE with our ENEMIES of the PREVIOUS REGIMES of the AGES in order to COME TOGETHER UNDER A “NEW WORLD ORDER” OF SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL… PROSPERITY FOR ALL. Of course, many people still don’t understand, or don’t want to go along with it… And not even meteor strikes seem to be enough to engage the idea of “The enemy of my enemy is my [ally]” I believe this is because most of the populace have become disillusioned with their governments and journalists, and no longer trust even their own neighbors in many areas – let alone North Korea and Israel. You see, it is literally MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE at least in my lifetime. Hmmm…. I think by now you can more or less see the rather obvious logical ramifications of these prospects, and that means it’s time for me to shut my mouth for tonight on this. Lol. Goodnight.

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