Yesterday’s news is just like tomorrow’s, only the speed of time increases.

Yesterday’s news is just like tomorrow’s, only the speed of time increases..

Right now, there is a story on about an al qaeda manual on tactical evasive maneuvers… including some fairly high technology tactics… Which is why, of course, I always severely restrict what I write about when it comes to military technology. However, it seems the newsmedia has no qualms about it… even on the same newsmagazine that argues against the right of Americans to bear arms. What can I say? I have freedom of speech – with freedom comes RESPONSIBILITY, and I exercise it to this degree. It puts me in an odd situation, because almost everything on the Internet can be intercepted and, God forbid, used for purposes, shall I say, not in the interest of the United States Republic. The Internet has become a REAL MONSTER, with cyber attacks against U.S. and Western interests being done with amazing audacity, attacking our financial and military/civilian establishments and compromising our defense forces. What they are doing to us now is basically teasing us, and the really terrible consequence or result of these probes is that they are in truth tactical moves to check for our vulnerabilities. Believe me, it’s NOT GOOD. We may be hit by an ICBM with nuclear bomb, dirty bomb or not, can come courtesy of Iran and/or North Korea, or even non-affiliated enemy combatants. It pretty much sucks, big time. -2013 Feb. 22, B.T. @18:43 Central US

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