Sorry this article is so poorly put together, but I typed it in an iphone and many paragraphs got lost.  I am posting it here now-what’s still left of it-before it disappears, too.  (You know what I mean if you have ever written a long article on a tiny phone… editing is a NIGHTMARE).  Some of what disappeared may have been filtered; I am just now getting into blogging so I don’t know all the rules… I just write, freestyle, for now.  Maybe I’ll put something together later.  I wrote about cutting funding for the military and soldiers isn’t just about the pay for the soldiers and their families which is bad enough (the “sequester”) but when you are sending out our troops without the necessary EQUIPMENT and TRAINING… that’s like a death sentence.  Also I mentioned some security vulnerabilities that are common knowledge, but perhaps I said a bit too much.  Let me try it again… I only ever publicly say anything that could help terrorists but when I see CNN, FOX, or any of the alphabet soup networks explaining the same technologies ON AIR, I simply assume it’s just common knowledge and just expound upon it from there, without giving out info that would help criminals or start wars.  Let me begin again… this computer is getting extremely difficult to work with; the cursor keeps moving around wherever it wants in the middle of typing… I am DEFINITELY going to have to fix that; every 30 seconds i have to grab the mouse and scroll to find where i left off, and also delete where I had been typing in some new area (I type quickly and this REALLY slows me down, and I’ve lost PAGES of writing to this)

When I was 18 or so I had 3 old cars, that I hot rodded – I stuck with carburetors because even without the OBD-2 modules, which mostly regulate emissions, my 1987 Monte Carlo SS, for which I built a Corvette engine block raw and stroked and bored it out to a 383 cubic inch beast.. I wanted to go with the computerized electronic systems but I stuck with carburetors, the Rochester four barrell.. I used to run montecarloss.com tho I no longer have that domain…. it featured articles and pictures showing my car and explaining how the engine works, and I loved teaching my friends how things work; they are so simple in concept but so difficult to actually roll out into production.

I know that all of the cars on the road – trains too – trucks, you name it – are vulnerable to an EMP assault, whether from the sun – solar flares or tactical strikes such as the recently tested and successful mock deployment of an EMP pulse, maybe the hole in the North Pole will come down and get an aurora bourealis fireworks show… MY car would be unaffected. But back then I was a spoiled kid in college at night and working at EDS, Warner-Lambert HQ… Dassault Aviation… Siebe (communications for Y2K incompatible climate control and automation networked systems (we’re talking huge buildings with… can you say, LEGACY!!!? control modules systems…. huge office buildings’ guts … police stations jails churches science lab rat testing facilities (NOT schools, those lab rat studies… each lab room had a very sensitive pressure gauge on the outside entry.. each lab room had a directive to maintain negative relative pressure, and fast closing door to create an additional layer of safety and security… obviously due to the potential; the very real possibility of any air contamination by pathogens airborne were officially and by law ordered never to leave the designated rooms. running ancient systems long overdue upgrades… wow, sometimes i had to keylock the circuit breaker at the demarcation in accordance with OSHA and NEC building regulation and federal electric wiring USA protocol… and once or twice i had to actually splice and install working bare handed on a hot junction box to get a read on the
switching station!!!!! No malfunction; it was an RS232 on DOS microsoft windows laptops to directly “push” the new firmware for MM…. the Y2k bubble…. see, instead of bloody rampage and chaos did not come. mind you, the pressures and subhandlers in a “skyscraper” have a lot of energy and these were proprietary legacy interfaces interlinked… the chillers on some builds are so enormous and to aervice anything you CANNOT even walk or crawl up to these sets of high speed heavy industrial systems… the fan blades are locked in heavy frames with bars like its a prison or maybe one of Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura’s turnstyle gateways… those prison bars save your life because the pressure differentials are so tremendous the wind tunnel sucks you like walking against a tornado or a hurricane; then you get Human Shredded Lasagna Meat… lol.. piggybacked systems, upgraded over and over… lol multiple competing manufacturer brands, All of which by law must pay the taxes and data service fees and regulatory commissions and their attorneys and it is a silly dance of show and tell… sometimes Honeywell with Cisco and Microsoft and the Apple wars… They weren’t so bad when they were put in as new work years ago.. but then another company from Japan builds the better mousetrap and proprietary patented technology specifically whipped up of a mix of hi tech Mitsubishi magic…. oh what a mess. its a lot like war, honestly.. the poor end user, that is, the CFO or partner contractor advisor who is in charge of the financial and budgetary issues…. we have gotten ourselves in quite a mess!

Now some 13 years later it’s the same type of industrial fierce competition… Safety and human lives are not always more important than needless high risk.

We have many countries in all the world who have at some time been pure allies, and even our friends in China and India who own state funded militaries, and now ten years later the soldiers native to (insert what EVER you like, HERE! lol)

it is depressing that our country has fallen so so quickly after the recall of World War 2 and the sort of global “sprawl” around the globe. Why dont we just buy the entire country of Mexico and the lower peninsula outright for cash? i mean 20-something TRILLION dollar NATIONAL debt. Ha! What a cruel joke. If the USA PURCHASED Mexico THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY and I just came up with that idea at 10 pm central usa time…. Buy Mexico because 1. they accept pesos (lol) 2. Nobody owns it (or at least apparently, going by how many Mexican citizens COST US BILLIONS PER YEAR FOR “border patrols” which itself eats almost as much of pur deficit as the guys in NORAD and Air Force One (per capita) THEMSELVES!)

All of these wars are taking place THIS VERY MOMENT!!!

I was not kidding when I said today is the first time I had that light bulb go off in my head: Even as things heat up in the Middle East… even as we are prepping as best we can; even though we can’t even pay for our own ELECTRICITY BILLS and fill our gas tanks and have a car AT ALL..

We are really being a naughty student sometimes, to the international community. NO MORE BORDER WAR… then we reassign those officers and train them to defend the United States, from enemies of the type who KILL YOU …. we are not facing a sea or land INVASION right now… it is a BRAND NEW GLOBE! the old tricks and games, somehow finding ourselves stuck in the middle of a REAL, DOWN to EARTH, dangerous MILITARY ZONE.

If I have any say in the matter of my country (by virtue of our AMERICAN IDENTITIES as UNITED STATES CITIZENS)

Bottom line is… I cannot type on this eye-phone for an hour or more continuously. And I’ve looked at the math. I have spent a little bit of time over the past twenty-something years but as I reflected on the latest updates of this World War 3 – which is as good enough as well to say it: This IS WWIII.

Just turn on the tv or go online to read international news on civil unrest-and the most disgraceful thing of all… that we all just go about our lives, like this is all just business as usual.

Turn off the money faucet that funds ICE… WITHOUT KILLING THEIR JOBS (sorry for the pun) … It isn’t really something we can avoid, in the long run. I felt for as long as I can remember… that certain things, according to simple algebra.

1. (Just an FYI: this ALL also my writing, as usual. I only bring it up now because I do not usually use numbered listings.). So: 1. As an unfortunate but 100% INEVITABLE consequence of the global state of affairs. and what I know is that this whole entire planet has gone straight off its rails: Earth’s orbit is not “off”… rather, THAT IS HOW THE SYSTEM OPERATES ie, the velocity, mass, size, and (debatable; I digress!) and direction. We-and when I say, ‘we’ or ‘us’ I MEAN “We HUMAN BEINGS”. And the intricacies cannot be overlooked any longer.

3. No difficult or long, drawn-out de-escalation or withdrawal of all the men and women in uniform – both men and women, working together with Mexican men and women serving their districts and their nation. Allies love their neighbors for a very good and important reason-those who do: and especially in time of war AND IN BATTLE; I am sure that close-quarters combat, combined with bouts of sniper fire, all while performing for that peak, shocking moment; that time every soldier ponders and tries to prepare well in advance, even armed with the most advanced psychological techniques-the emotions and thought processes are understood with a power chain of command; America’s men and women who have of their independent will to take it to the front of the line and the last resort.

– Brendon Tristal,
February 23, 2013 11:31PM

keywords united states buy mexico purchase mexicio border war nuclear war end border war and deploy those resources to the real enemy combatants instead of wasting billions on a system revolving door wasting tons of money weight worth in gold every year as our other troops are fighting overseas in real wars where our men and women in uniform are IN DESPERATE NEED OF MORE FUNDING FOR EQUIPMENT, TRAINING, DEPLOYMENT, and even their salaries, as they have families BACK HOME to feed, too!

I think this Yoga 13 touchpad is driving me crazy.. I have to turn it off just to be able to type without the cursor moving mid-typing, and I like to type very quickly.  The touchpad is a major design flaw, far too sensitive.  I will try to reduce the sensitivity.  I’m talking about my palms touching the edges of the touchpad, not the touch screen.

-Brendon Tristal


Feel free to engage, hit like, or subscribe, and add your own ideas!  Thanks for reading :)  This is probably my second attempt at a blog entry… it’s a lot more work than I thought.  I have been under the weather past few days, it must be the sunspots… or this weather.

I am going to try to decrease my quantity and increase the quality of my blogs, but the topics I cover are so broad and I end up literally writing blogs within blogs; I’ve got to stop that.  I NEED to find a computer program or ‘app’ that lets me organize my writing rather than a single text box that I can’t even trust not to instantly delete itself after spending an hour writing and then losing the data!!! I should NOT have to save my work every 2 minutes!  😉

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