U.S. Infrastructure Deterioration 2013

U.S. Infrastructure Deterioration 2013.


A bar falling into the water – that’s a private enterprise and small-scale, though disturbing. The cruise ships – well, they’re not even USA based. It’s the USA based infrastructure that just kills me. And politics and all… It really is getting to the point where nobody even cares anymore… Psychological numbing… Lightning can strike anywhere, but apparently it is also true that bridges can collapse, your workplace can explode, your train can derail, and as for the Boston bombings, as they seem to be called.. or the “Boston Marathon Bombing” (singular and/or plural)… that’s one thing; it was intentional…. But these infrastructure FAILURES are just astounding! I have posited the idea that it’s actually inside jobs of some sort or ‘hidden’ terror attacks… Just wish people would stop hammering the energy companies so much – they need money to keep their systems operating properly.. take money away from that, through lawsuits and such, and then you might ask, well how the hell are they gonna do the work on the next scheduled maintenance on the next pipeline? Pipe-o-ganda is self-destructive. Anyone who doesn’t like energy can just boycott it – don’t pay your electric bill, live in the dark, buy candles and increase your pollution per capita in the EXTREME assuming you want to eat and bathe and not have A/C or heat or cook or a refrigerator… and how are you going to get your food from the field to your house anyway? That takes lots and lots of oil. Boycotting energy is boycotting life, and the people who supply it are heroes not evil Gollums.

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