So tell me why for being in America you have pay out the yin yang for off-the shelf parts in a pretty plastic casing, at 100 times ‘markup’ for electronics? China makes it possible, we make it impossible. China 1 USA 0. And I’m not being unpatriotic I am just saying those my figure is wrong the concept is dead-on… unfortunately, literally. Also, you want surveillance programs? WHERE DO YOU THINK THIS STUFF SNEAKS ITS WAY INTO THE US FROM????? JAPAN? NO!!! CHECK THE LABEL! lol l I’m guessing the markup goes not to China, but to the U.S., it’s a massive embargo. How high is your budget (as expressed in time, not money) each day, to spend trying to put toothpaste back into the tube, so to speak?  I’m going to write both an opinion and a fictional story: There once was a man (or woman) who visited an American hi tech mall or store. His or eye eyes POPPED OUT OF HIS HEAD when he or she saw how high the prices, in U.S. dollars, were: “How could anyone afford these things that we make?” And then went back home… to America’s ‘geopolitical foes’. Brendon Tristal 16-June2013 MMetaDDataYYYY: Cancer charity ripoffs ponzi schemes nobody has to work infrastructure destruction USA failing it’s self-perpetuation and self-fulfilling failure…. unless we change something soon.


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