Sarah Palin on Fox News June 17 2013

Sarah Palin on Fox News June 17 2013.


  • BS! If this alleged “Snowden” were YOUR son, you WOULD NOT shrug your shoulders and say, “Oh well, let them eat him” (assuming the stuff they say of him on tv is actually the real story). You would pull all the strings you’ve got left to bring him home and do everything you could to drop any charges, and / or intercede and interrupt that process in every single way you and your teams can dream up… using every trick in the book. But it’s cool, you can lie on TV now. There are benefits to not taking to stand to Congress on a subpoena, like the AG.
    And if you DID throw your own children to the fire, that is the definition of ANTI-AMERICAN. Sarah Palin… You’ve lost it. Don’t know why you’re on TV. The GOP is DOOMED if you stick with it…. where’s that evacuation pod? I think there’s one left. Loll. j/k.
  • None of this new… the technology per se has advanced, but the net effect has only TWO major consequences (other than Al Gore’s “destroyiing the planet”)… 1. Explosively exponential advancement to the inevitable equations and 2. Concentrating power … MASSIVE POWER… into the hands of “a Snowdwn”. Everyone knows that; avoiding saying it does not make us think we are wrong. It’s rather insulting. Who is picking up a shovel and drilling for drinking water in Alaska next?
    BT 17 june 2013

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