Official NERD DAY!!! To my fellow nerds, Happy Nerd Day!

Regarding NSA “leaker” Snowden: Everyone ALREADY KNEW the stuff you talked about.  As for those of us who somehow did NOT, look at what you’ve done!  Global Chaos!  You know what it sounds like to me?? It sounds like a whole lotta jobs are on the line, once it is revealed that human beings are interchangeable and expendable… in terms of personnel.

And that should be a GOOD THING, but it’s not, because not even robots are perfect.. You save American lives with robot warriors such as armed assault vehicles or perhaps we will soon be referring to them as some new name, probably officially derived from Star Wars or Star Trek, LOL…

It should be okay, though, because globally, EVERYTHING and by that I DO mean EVERYTHING and its MOTHER, as the saying goes, is ramping up WAY too fast, and The People need airtime over Jerry Springer.However, the ugly side is unemployment rates skyrocketing to perhaps 95% unemployment. Obamacare knows this, and is preparing for it.Brendon Tristal 2013 June 18

via Official NERD DAY!!! To my fellow nerds, Happy Nerd Day!.

2 responses to “Official NERD DAY!!! To my fellow nerds, Happy Nerd Day!

  1. So basically Gen. Keith Alexander is telling us about network administration and rights and properties of objects and users. Well, fine, if you’re the SYSADMIN then you have to do your job OR YOU GET _FIRED_ and if you take home company secrets illegally and against your contract, you NOT ONLY get FIRED, you can be SUED and even CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED. But WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE DAY COMES… WHEN THE SYSOP ADMIN CAPCOM ARE, SAY, CHINESE CITIZEN/RUSSIAN OPERATIVE “SNOWDEN”? Or what if the REAL Snowden IS A COUNTERINTEL AGENT HIMSELF, and this is his debut… shoot for N. Korea… this might fit him in. If he can get through the back hole, and that’s a tight one.



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