Brendon P. Tristal
June 22, 2013

Extrapolating Man’s understanding of this world and the scientific method.

The only RELIGION is ATHEISM. Here’s how:

Of all the cultures, political designs, and societies throughout the world, there have been many religions.

Some, if not most religions do not ‘believe in’ science, and reject technology outright, in concept, at least. Of course, when they get their hands on it, it seems they cannot even let it go. The religions and political, even humanitarian principles have changed, been merged, intermingled, twisted around, blown to bits, burned to the ground, and where are we now?

So then, if we want peace – and I’m not assuming we do – we might want to respect these cultures; religions: social organization systems. In fact, you could even extrapolate from that principle that even IF modern medicine is wholly rejected in some part of the plant (or even the entire universe(s), we might not attempt to force it upon them. I recall something called the Golden Rule… it is similar to the saying, “Keep it in the family!”

Also, we humans as a whole… collectively, that is… have lit that fuse – using the story of Adam and Eve as an example – we have already taken that first bite of the tree of wisdom, knowledge, power – Maybe that was the point in history in which we discovered language, or farming, or cooperating, or some other great leap (no pun intended on China) forward – that caused us to ‘evolve’ from being an ANIMAL and caused us to become HUMAN. That is something that I just made up by typing, right now – but it is interesting when you closely examine how wide the variance is from one person to the next, with regard to how they perceive the exact (or, should I say, “exact” – since it is impossible for anything in the world WE know personally to be EXACT to the 100.0000% correct – 100.00 to the INFINITY decimal percent correct on ANY/EVERYthing.

So, this would flip the entire world “upside down” – or at least, since there is no “up” and no “down” in the universe, it would reverse the poles. Bi-polar = two poles. That is how radio communications work, with dipole antennas. Changing the North pole to the South pole could be done either by erasing the “N” and “S” on either end of the map and turning it “upside-down” if the map is flat paper. If it’s a globe, you could dismount it, rotate it like you get your tires rotated, and this LITERALLY BIPOLAR world is apparently also SCHIZOPHRENIC.

You see, in the mental wards, not all – but SOME people REALLY DO “hear voices” and I don’t just mean random noise. They may not even sound like “voices” – I’d have to look into the root of the word, “voice” to see where that logic goes, if anywhere at all, haha. But let’s say they’re not voices in the sense that if WE could hear them, they would make any sense. They might speak another language. That language could be religious, it could be subconscious/psychotic etc., or English. But suppose schizophrenic people don’t “hear voices” – instead, they PERCEIVE certain elements that their brains can only INTERPRET as the cliche “voices in my head”. I haven’t even examined the etymological roots of the word, “voice” yet, but just sitting here even thinking about it, it seems as though “Psychiatry” itself has made up or “invented” the entire concept of the unabashedly obsolete notion of “hearing voices”.

“Are you hearing voices?” In a mental ward, that is one of three main questions patients are asked at least once or twice a day – the others are, “Are you having thoughts of hurting yourself or anyone else?” – Don’t know if that is one compound question or if they count it as two separate questions, but I do find it VERY interesting that I have NEVER heard or seen an antidepressant commercial produced by the drug company that manufactures it and/or holds the patent rights to the drug (molecular structure) and almost always, a “brand name” – for legal purposes as well as to use modern psychology of language and word connections and connotations, even syllables of a brand name medicine (or any word) can sound like music in a way, as the human brain speaks the name of it and pronounces each syllable, the brain is processing every tiny bit of that data, which is incorporated into each of our own brains through the translation process from “unrecognized word” (new word being the brand name of the drug) to, like a baby learning how to speak, our brains then learn (quite rapidly, I might add!) how to PRONOUNCE this new wonderful magic drug word:

PROzac (chemical: fluoxetine, SSRI);

NUVIGIL (armodafinil) = NEW VIGIL….

VALI-um (“Valiant”, “Valley”?) and close the word structure with – something; like a consonant. I’m just making all this up right now, it could be even deeper than that – the “uhmmmmm” vocalization is used in meditation to induce PEACE.

HEROin (diacetylmorphine dihydrychloride, if I recall) – Heroin was patented by Bayer (the Phillips and Bayer drug company, with the symbol consisting of a circle with the word, “BAYER” typed in all caps both horizontally and vertically, with the “Y” at the CENTER of the circle, which by the way also looks like a pill. Interesting coincidence the Y is in the center of (a pill?) – I’m being somewhat facetious and a mix of sarcasm and poetry here, OBVIOUSLY! lol… the joke being, “Y” = the center of the pill…. and the one-word question, “WHY?” at the center of it all – as in, “WHY is everybody taking SO MANY DAMNED PILLS THESE DAYS?”

Well, Bayer produced/patented “Heroin” (that’s the brand name) – this was before it was made illegal even to prescribe – “HERO” plus “IN” (or, alternatively, “Heroine”? The female that awaits your return from the Vietnam War? Keep in mind that the “DIAGNOSIS” or AILMENT this new miracle drug, Heroin (diacetylmorphine) was commercialized and pitched to the whole country as the CURE for OPIUM ADDICTION.

If you know anything at all about how drug classes work, that makes as much sense as saying you’ve invented the CURE for HANGOVERS for people who stay out drinking BEER or WINE etc. – and that medicinal “CURE” is WHISKEY!

Or that COFFEE (caffeine) will make a drunk patient sober – which many people still believe, surprisingly enough.

So the other day I wrote a piece in celebration of the Supreme Court’s finding that what has been going on in the pharmaceutical industry for YEARS to keep U.S. medical costs (VERY, VERY!) HIGH (no pun intended) – which hurts if not financially CRUSHES the middle class, who have to pay HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars per MONTH of any given ACTIVE-STATUS PATENTED MEDICINE, after FDA approval (which apparently is not worth all that much anyway, given the endless commercials that lawyers put on TV (actually, often not even lawyers or their firms – it’s often just a middleman, taking his “cut” out of this entire game – a “lawyer referral service” – though there are some exceptions, such as gigantic law firms with offices across the country, if not the globe – but mostly the TV ads that ask “Have you been prescribed (such and such) and were later diagnosed with (insert whatever it is, here)??? Call RIGHT NOW! You MAY be ENTITLED to FINANCIAL COMPENSATION”.

So they have their list of LAW FIRMS around the country and basically – reverse-insource? lol I kid. It’s an affiliate network, basically, most often based on a commission basis of pay (much like waitors/waitresses depend almost entirely on the GRATUITY of having been so kind as to run all over the place serving your every desire. (By the way, that sounds absolutely ABSURD – you go out to a RESTAURANT to EAT, which is a PURE LUXURY to begin with – and a huge number of Americans CANNOT AFFORD IT AT ALL (but do it ANYWAY!) – and then after being served all evening, whether or not your server and the crew gets paid that night DEPENDS ON YOUR…. “GRATUITY”??? WHAT? IN THIS ECONOMY? That’s absurd. Horrible business model, if you ask me. It puts MONEY before PEOPLE. There is no reason other than the fact that it’s LEGAL for it to be the case where your job is to go out, work as hard, smart, and quickly as you can on a job – WITHOUT EVEN HAVING AGREED TO AN *ESTIMATE* OF WHAT THE JOB WILL PAY! It’s like WORKING for the LOTTERY… What if NOBODY leaves a tip ALL NIGHT? AND THEY ALSO were a large crowd of say 5 or 6, rowdy, drunk, rude, demanding, calling you over asking for more this and more that all night for HOURS, and LEAVE NO TIP?

Where did they get the phrase, “Going Postal,” from? Haha! At least postal workers are Federal employees and have a guaranteed salary (subject to change, but at least it’s there) and a retirement set of benefits as well?

Anyway, back to the TV commercials for “bad drugs”… Investors (often the attorneys themselves) produce and pay for the ad – “business expense” – target markets such as daytime or late night, where it is not only cheaper, but when the audience is likely to be watching TV rather than working in the first place! — Next, they hope, they start getting calls, and through their network perhaps even share information ‘anonymously’ with each other and try to build a CLASS-ACTION lawsuit – the jackpot! The difference between having a job of spending other people’s money – INCLUDING YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!!! … From their comfy luxury home office, ALL paid for by either investors, drug company lawsuits being won, etc.

Where does all THAT money come from, then? Well, apparently the pharmaceutical giants sometimes more or less BRIBE or PAY OFF other companies – companies that are completely legitimate and are FDA approved, and manufacture brand and/or generic drugs – and who also, of course, have all the laboratory space and equipment necessary to, with just about the EXACT SAME level of QUALITY CONTROL, necessary to produce the EXACT SAME PILL as the brand name – for instance, PROZAC (Eli Lilly, mfr.; chemical name, fluoxetine) – and sent it to retail pharmacies like your local pharmacy via distributors (that’s another story, but it sounds like reading the same book in another language, LOL) – and these generic manufacturers can perfectly well produce the EXACT SAME PRODUCT (ONLY MINUS THE BRAND NAME AND WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF THE BRAND-NAME ADVERTISING)…..for MUCH LESS MONEY!!!

How much cheaper? Let’s say you take a brand name drug for cardiovascular purposes – heart attack, etc., ok? Now for a minute just pretend that when you go to your local supermarket looking for the aspirin/tylenol/ibuprofen/vitamin aisle… and you find that a $1.50 bottle of 60 pills of ASPIRIN is now either locked in a clear enclosure, like in the electronics aisle, so no one can just walk off with it – OR you see just an empty DISPLAY BOTTLE or BOX, with a cute little note that says “AVAILABLE AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE or PHARMACY DESK” –

What? Why? Because IT’S NOT $1.50 for 60 pills of aspirin anymore. Now it’s nearly $1,200.00 in cash for the SAME EXACT THING, RIGHT DOWN TO THE MOLECULAR STRUCTURES AND CONCENTRATIONS. So, why the price change? Sounds insane, right? Well, it’s because NOW, it comes in a brand-new pretty color, maybe a gelatin cap to make it easier to swallow, and the MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL: It has a NEW NAME! That’s right! Instead of calling it, say, acetylsalicylic acid, or Aspirin (R) (TM) (C)…. since THAT drug’s PATENT HAS NOW EXPIRED, IT IS NOW LEGAL FOR – well, not just “anyone,” but ANY OTHER FDA LICENSED DRUG MANUFACTURER (if they can,at least – it is true that some drugs are as simple to make as a canned-soup dinner – by that I mean pour it into a bowl, not make it at the factory, lol – and others require EXTREMELY expensive equipment and HIGHLY qualified staff working under VERY STRICT SUPERVISION – Not that the cheap(er) drugs don’t get strict supervision and quality control, but some drugs simply cost A LOT more money to manufacture per unit, per bottle, per ton, whatever it is.

However, the companies making the drugs like, say, Viagra (sildenafil citrate) – that is to say, ‘popular’ drugs (let’s just put it that way – below is an excerpt from wikipedia of sildenafil citrate:

From Wikipedia: “Sildenafil citrate, sold as Viagra, Revatio and under various other trade names, is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). It was originally developed by British scientists and then brought to market by the US-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer.[1] It acts by inhibiting cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5, an enzyme that promotes degradation of cGMP, which regulates blood flow in the penis. Since becoming available in 1998, sildenafil has been the prime treatment for erectile dysfunction; its primary competitors on the market are tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra).”
Obviously, with drugs like these, the TV COMMERCIALS WILL NEVER END, and Social Security/Medicare/Health Insurance/Your Tax Dollars, etc. PAY FOR ALL OF IT. In other words, you are buying ice from an eskimo – only, it’s “Magic Ice” (TM) and has a secret formula that’s been passed down from generations through the centuries, and is protected under “proprietary” or “trade secret” laws – which basically means, not only are you buying the same thing from the company that charges $500 a pill when the company down the street sells the SAME THING by the BAKER’S DOZEN for 50 CENTS…. … you DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HECK YOU’RE BUYING!!!!

At least that’s the one good thing about pharmaceutical DRUGS rather than “vitamins and nutritional supplements” – BOTH are FDA-APPROVED, but if it falls under the “Food” portion of “Food and Drug Administration”, then it is a “Food” or “Dietary Supplement”, but it is NOT considered a “DRUG”. (Over the counter versus prescription only really doesn’t make much difference here; the main difference is that if it requires a doctor’s approval, it’s probably a powerful DRUG that, as part of good public policy, borne out of the natural curiosity of the human mind that can lead to bad side effects, improper use/dose, death etc. and also due to their strength they should not be combined with certain foods or other drugs, and/or may require special care with use (example: “DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY UNTIL YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THE EFFECTS”.

Though doctors can and DO PRESCRIBE VITAMINS as well)…

Anyway, as new laws regarding healthcare come into effect, and the butterfly effect theory ripples its waves throughout not only the entire gigantic pharmaceutical industry – not even the entire healthcare industry in sum – but ripples out into EVERYTHING THERE IS – the economy, jobs, our survival as a nation, even our survival as a species, if you want to stretch it that far – it’s not impossible. You can’t prove to me or to anyone that the entire human race cannot ever become extinct. (Actually, according to cosmologists, the extinction of the human race is every bit as certain as death and taxes, to borrow a quote from an old friend.)

Anyway I need a break, I’m having back pain. Now, should I sacrifice my stomach lining (aspirin), liver (tylenol), or kidneys (ibuprofen)?

So to conclude this little rant of abstractions, I am glad that I am seeing at least SOME positive changes resulting from this economic crunch – people are starting to ALMOST realize just how good they have it (or not) – and hopefully the leaders of policy and also, if we aren’t into WW3 by then, maybe people will actually PRODUCE REAL, TANGIBLE COMMODITIES – such as ENERGY, FOOD, HOUSING, CLEAN WATER, SEWAGE PROCESSING, TRASH REMOVAL, TRANSPORTATION, BRIDGES, RAILWAYS, AIRCRAFT, SPACE EXPLORATION, NATIONAL DEFENSE.

Just look at t he videos of the violence taking place across the world. Don’t think it wouldn’t happen here! Human nature is HARDWIRED to SURVIVE and if OUR INFRASTRUCTURE basically puts the UNITED States of America into some sort of chaotic CIVIL WAR, which in a sense IS HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK – we call it “class warfare” — but when it’s public education policy and social engineering failing to do ITS job – “What the hell are we paying for?” I keep hearing come up on the news lately regarding tax dollars – PUT THE TAX DOLLARS TO WORK, NOT BY VIRTUALLY FUNDING DRUG COMPANIES – Companies who, it appears, don’t seem to be doing their JOBS –

This entire system of “once you’ve got a job/career, you’re set” idea… once you’ve got that good job, you’re likely to keep it – tenure, etc. – ENCOURAGES LAZINESS. Our tax dollars pay salaries of around SIX FIGURES to some people whose job it is to LITERALLY SLEEP ON THE JOB! The upper class is self-sustaining; the so-called middle class has been absolutely hammered by outsourcing thanks to new machines that replace people (jobs) by the MILLIONS – meaning, as the POPULATION EXPANDS…. at the same time this is happening, as a result of our technology, our technology is also ELIMINATING FOREVER jobs by the BILLIONS.. in ADDITION to the global economy, which America cannot compete with much longer with all of this ‘infighting’ – it’s like a civil war is taking place…. but instead of nicely sewn uniforms and hi-tech machine guns, we have robberies, drug addicts, homeless people, bankrupt DETROIT and a few others not far behind….

I say again: There absolutely MUST be a MAJOR CHANGE – A PARADIGM SHIFT – which myself as well as others have been writing about for a long time now, but very recently it has become more urgent, as we seem to be attacked from all sides – inflation, the weather, lawsuits against drug companies where scientists create and test drugs that save lives (and sometimes don’t… at all, but nothing is perfect) – a lawsuit hands out OBSCENE amounts of money to ONE PERSON when it should have either been thrown out entirely, or the dollar amount more reasonable, or SPLIT THE PROCEEDS WITH ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO GOT THE SAME OR WORSE OF WHATEVER SIDE EFFECT YOU GO!

There is no equilibrium in our society. The spirit of competition is almost like an indoctrination into war.

My dream is not just a dream; it’s a reachable goal. It is ENTIRELY possible for EVERYONE to live in comfort and education, and we can build MORE machines, even machines in SPACE, or on the MOON. We can build systems that make ENERGY virtually FREE OF CHARGE (of course there will always need to be people to keep systems up).

With self-driving cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes, and boats too probably…. and free energy… . what happens?


No taxi drivers. Taxis and automatic transportation, material manufacturing and storage/distribution systems, .. Other than scientists and teachers and doctors and a handful of jobs here and there, a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE are going to have to find a new job – FULL-TIME SHOPPING. Market research, etc.

The transition occurs gradually – it’s getting too fast for my personal comfort level – I don’t want to wake up one day and find riots and vandals robbing stores, banks, and going shopping by burglarizing your neighborhood’s homes – this is happening right now, of course. And this is a good spot to stop writing, because I think I’ve at least made some valid points.

If I had one wish it would be that all of us would be friends and trust each other and share, as opposed to the current system of “Me me me me me me me me” and hoarding EVERYTHING. Let’s adopt a whole new attitude that is the OPPOSITE of the “keeping up with the Joneses” (“covet thy neighbor”?)

Sounds pretty impossible, doesn’t it? After all, all indications show a STRONG bias favoring what NONE OF US WANT… which is, a virtual HOLOCAUST, or else we all get to the point where we’re in a state of PERPETUAL WAR.

All of these governments and uprisings and so forth – Egypt, Syria, etc. – the data does NOT look good.


If so, it’s not good. Because the truth is, WE are the VULNERABLE ones. EVERYTHING we rely on can be disrupted by a certain type of weapon I won’t even put into this little rant, but it’s no secret. I just don’t feel it is appropriate to heat fine sauce and Parmesan in the same piece of cookware I use to boil the pasta.




Brendon Tristal, 22-JUNE2013


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P.S. I was going to wait to clean this up a bit but after watching Stossel on Fox News Channel tonight, June 23 2013 I decided to just post it in this rough form.  Sorry!  -BT

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