Dayton, Ohio air show crash – my comments.

How about don’t be a wingwalker if you don’t want to die? Showing off is BRAGGING and SHOWING OFF, LITERALLY, FOR MONEY, and that is immoral = to risk your life for just MONEY. If you volunteer to risk your life to rescue someone, that is VALIANT not IMMORAL. Nonetheless, I do not suggest we should enact any more laws or rules or anything as a result of this very sad crash. May the pilot and wing-walker REST IN PEACE. And thankfully, their deaths were quick if not instant, rather than prolonged – which is much better, in my opinion, than surviving with EXTREMELY PAINFUL burns from burning fuel and cracked bones living in TORTURE for hours, only to die. All of us have our time to leave this world, and I COMMEND the two performers for their DETERMINATION to advance and press the envelope, rather than collapse into infidelity. The same, I say, for ALL heroes, who are heroes each in their own way – taking a risk for something they believe in. That is the natural order, and FEAR did NOT stop them. That psyche, that mentality, is THE reason we laypersons enjoy LUXURY without even knowing it – THANK A PIONEER TODAY. Sincerely, BT.

via Dayton, Ohio air show crash – my comments..

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