Snow Den, Ice Land, I-Gloo… Blah Blah Blah!

Do not worry.  President Obama has publicly stated, something to the effect of, ‘I’m not going to… scramble jets… to hunt down a ….. 29 yr old .. HACKER’  (paraphrasing; I apologize)…  This is polite speak for, “We’re on top of it; we’re doing EVERYTHING we can” and/or “This isn’t even an issue in the first place, so, SHUT UP, Mass Media!”  —  LOL.  The Cold War.  Ecuador.  Cuba.  Guantanamo.  LOL — I don’t know exactly what this “Snowden” said to the Guardian or other media, and I don’t know – FAR more importantly, by the way – what he actually said to, say, China, Russia, North Korea, Ecuador, Iran, or whomever.  But what he said to the U.S.????  What a JOKE!  Absolutely a JOKE!  I can’t tell if the media is just STUPID, or they think WE are all STUPID…. That must mean I’M stupid!  The only thing I can’t figure out is how this “Snowden” said or did anything that actually damaged the US.  Maybe I am naive.  More likely, what really happened is that he “leaked” a WHOLE LOT MORE INFORMATION than we saw on TV or read in the paper – and this entire mess is a trigger and/or a BOTCHED infiltration attempt – at least it seems to me.  I have no clue what he has on/in him.  But we have already seen how blatantly incompetent the government has been – the IRS, etc…. so maybe it’s actually TRUE!  Maybe he actually IS a spy for a nation other than the United States of America!  If THAT is the case, and IF what some government figures are saying is true, then Obama WOULD be “scrambling jets” (not really, but metaphorically – what good would jets do against a virtually homeless guy in Moscow’s airport?  With the Russian Federation’s President saying outright, more or less, that Snowden has not committed any crime in their territory?  What really REALLY irks me about this, aside from not KNOWING, is that the POTENTIAL here is the equivalent of an ATOM BOMB.  As I said, I doubt this kid has the capacity and/or will to do CRITICAL HARM and IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to the U.S.  –  The global reaction to this kid’s “leaks” only goes to show they’re NOT even leaks at all…  It looks to me as though a guy said, “The 2nd Amendment grants me, as an American, the right to  bear arms!” and then it was on every single news channel in the US.  My “odd theory” – that is, of the possible scenarios, the one that I consider to be least likely – is that this entire operation was and/or IS the execution of a novel METHOD to insert a SPY into a foreign country.  Unfortunately, I have not researched this entire story, and though it is intriguing, without a doubt, I could probably be more accurate if I had more information.  But I am only guessing.  This MUST be the case, because it is ONLY media reporting that is my sole source of information – and that means it is automatically DISQUALIFIED as being even close to accurate.  Whether something went wrong, and his cover was blown…. or if he really is just a ’29 yr old hacker’ … or if even the entire US government truly does not know the ‘real deal’ on this guy is – for instance, if he was just being patriotic to the USA in a roundabout, immature way, and does have these powers – then the USA should be doing EVERYTHING REASONABLE to GET HIM BACK WITHIN OUR BORDERS!!!  However, if he truly is a “ROGUE” and has now DE-FACTO DEFECTED FROM THE USA – which, of course, IS what the MEDIA are REPORTING – Well, in that case, hell, I don’t know what’s worse!  He could be in some torture chamber right now; not living “out of a suitcase” at some airport.  Where are the photographs of him at Moscow’s airport for the past several days?  You cannot seriously with a straight face tell me that he is living there, with all this INTERNATIONAL scrutiny on him and on Moscow’s airport, that NO pictures / videos of him SLEEPING, EATING, ORDERING FOOD, or whatEVER, have come into the public realm.  It is 99.999999999999%   IMPOSSIBLE for THAT TO HAPPEN.  So, what is the deal with SNOW/DEN????   -BT 28JUN2013



eric snowden is probably nothing to worry about but it is possible however the reaction of the government suggests to me that it is a non-issue

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