The Future of Social Media and Multimedia: Merging Virtuality with Reality – Consequences?


The Future of Social Media and Multimedia: Merging Virtuality with Reality – Consequences?
(Brendon Tristal, June 29, 2013 original author)

But then there will always be people who just don’t want to do a video chat with random people, because they are concerned about their privacy, and/or because they know everything is being recorded and collected by SOMEBODY, somewhere – whether it’s in China, Russia, the US… and whether it’s the government of some country, or the private sector.  Using algorithms to read your biometrics, try to interpret your every facial twitch, take your pulse and blood pressure, read your mind using some crazy database… That’s the holdup with videochats.  I used to skype casually with friends online – for example, with a woman.  Didn’t think too much about nor care about what future consequences might be – after all, I have nothing to hide, right?  I mean, I don’t have kids, so I don’t have to worry about some predator sticking a tracker on them (in the virtual world – as it melds with the REAL world, through both data links, human interface, geographical location and tracking – for example, many parents put geotrackers on their childrens’ cell phones they buy for them, so they can literally spy on them and know where they are at all times, in real time, and even listen in on and record their text, video, and audio communications.  But the problem with that is, if you are one of those parents, you DO have something to “hide” – that being, the identity of your children.  And thus, as an inheritable function (no pun intended), the identity of YOURSELF.  So if you express yourself or write something people don’t like, you’re literally risking the lives of not only yourself, but your children.  Example:  Say you’re wealthy.  Or famous.  Or not famous, doesn’t matter – just threw that word, famous, in there because we all know how the papparazi harasses “public figures” and their children – that must be TORTURE, psychologically – and can lead to paranoia, delusions, etc. – and then we WONDER why celebrities in particular seem to have all these problems.  You can’t observe something without changing it, according to good theory – but when your every move, expression, every piece of clothing you put on your body – your entire BEING is a BRAND with EVERYBODY profiting off of it EXCEPT FOR THEM…. That sounds Orwellian, perhaps because it IS “Orwellian”.   Case in point:  One of the daughters of one of the attorneys for George Zimmerman (GZ vs. State of Florida), 2nd degree murder charge, self-defense as the defense theory – I’m sure most Americans and even many outside of America have at least heard the name (Knock knock. Who’s there? George Zimmerman.  George Zimmerman who?)  That wasn’t a joke the lawyer was making.  He was making a REAL, VALID POINT and probably trying to express the sheer frustration he’d just gone through during selecting jurors from the jury pool.  That must’ve sucked!  I remember seeing Omara, the lead defense attorney, in a press release/interview, saying how RELIEVED and SATISFIED (not sure if he used those EXACT words, but certainly whatever words he used, he said something to that effect)…. Well, the other defense attorney’s daughter “instagrammed” a picture of her father (the defense attorney) and herself, and her sister – three white people, a white family, each of them holding, of all things, VANILLA ice cream cones, stacked as high as gravity and the molecular arrangement of the ice cream would allow, taking into account temperature, composition, elevation, and even the lunar cycle!!!  LOL!  Anyway, that’s just me being silly.  But IMMEDIATELY it’s a HUGE news story, this instagram  picture that the daughter (don’t know if she is under 18 or not, but they all looked like they could be about college age, not grade school)…  And the dad had to apologize to the world for his daughter posting that picture with some hashtags and comments such as “Dad killed it” and it was sort of a celebration of victory that the attorney felt they, the defense, had won during that day in court, against the prosecution by turning a State witness into a Defense witness, or so they believe.  Now what do you have to hide if you’ve done nothing wrong?  EVERYTHING!  Because once something is “out there” – then you can have all KINDS of creepy things coming after you – whether it’s someone on some kind of internally-justified “moral” war they personally are raging, and wish to take it to the personal level – then that’s pretty scary.  Rapists, killers, child molesters – the government makes them wear those GPS trackers, right?  Well, they’re LOCKED on – without the key, the only way they can get them off is to CUT them off – or cut off their foot.

But parents hand out the same trackers – only MUCH BETTER ONES – that also allow the children to PUBLISH to the WORLD this or that, including their PICTURES, tie FACES to NAMES, which can be traced to ADDRESSES, and the next thing you know some HACKER is selling a program to TRACK the LOCATION of a SPECIFIC PERSON right on their GPS screen in their car!!!!!!

That is where freedom of speech and privacy collide – not where East meets West, but right in your own home or household.  And THAT is why the Internet can be both extremely beneficial and a force for GOOD, but it’s a double-edged sword.  If the pen is mightier than the sword, now we have a double-edged PEN – and the INK is CERTAINLY NOT ERASABLE.

Hopefully security measures will continue to become available and understandable to the public, much as parental controls on your kid’s cable box along with the rating system (PG, R, etc.) can allow you, as a parent, to censor what your children watch.  But even that does not mean you can put your children on TV auto pilot – because WHO makes the JUDGMENTS as to what is rated G, or PG-13, PG17, R, and whatever else they come up with?  There are LONG and complicated definitions – and it’s very costly – and like any large government agency, in this case, the FCC – mistakes can happen.

Also, all parents should not just use TV – G as a babysitter – they should monitor the actual subliminal content that is being conveyed to them.  And, of course, doctors recommend ABSOLUTELY NO TELEVISION AT ALL for ALL humans UNDER 2 YEARS OF AGE.  None.  None at all.  No ipads, no multimedia ANYTHING.  First, they have two years – clock starts ticking the moment you emerge from the womb – to adapt their sensory system to REALITY per se – otherwise, later on, severe consequences are possible.  And the results SURROUND US right now, because many of us were children who may have been exposed to multimedia etc. including interactive media like video games and so on – and this is kind of like human evolution – or DE-volution.  Who knows?

All we can do is wait and see, and do our best.  As is always the case, in all things.

You can also say your prayers, plug and pray, knock on wood, cross your fingers, hope for the best.


Brendon Tristal, original author of above content
Copyright June 29, 2013
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