19 Firefighters Dead – A Technical Solution, Preventative

wow 19 firefighters killed in arizona
i guesss 132 degrees heat is helpful to burning shit up

Brendon Tristal
why can’t they invent a rooftop crane trailer on top of fire trucks, or sep, vehicles part of a convoy, that drill for a few minutes , detonate a bomb, tear out some space like a cylinder, and they can all go in there, supplied by oxygen from the vehicleswhich would be dropped and/or super insulated and liquid cooled, along with the ground-inserted shielded temporary fire shelter

Brendon Tristal
they can! somebody give me money to build one.

Actually since we need compressed gas to survive anyway, we can double-use that fact – an INFLATABLE heat shield. however it must not float away, blow away, get damaged, etc. – it can hold back the heat absolutely, and it would be disposable. But it wouldn’t be round, without some sort of flower shaped assembly, with a seed explosive , the largest, to detonate, and in which to dive in, set up quipment, while an arm or humans lay out directed explosives to blast dirt on top of the hole, the roof of which uses strong parts previously used to holsld or assemble the structure now become the roof. They may even be the oxygen tanks – ithe radial explosives tossing dirt directionally ontop of the lid/cone – which is strong – the soil acts an an insulation, as well as weight against gusts of wind that might otherwwise undo the entire operation. The special arrray ARRAY of oxygen tanks/ nitrous mix would also provide additional cooling, and if it did get too hot, relief valves would input the gas into the reservation. Simple CO2 absorbers could work in conjunction in that case. Problem is how much would that ost? The answer to that is three letters… SAD. But firefiighters can build it themselves. For free. Then the cost is shared just as is the risk, among these heroes.


-Brendon Tristal June 30 2013

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