i don’t love it. it’s dangerous, and i chase dangerous things.there’s a difference lolal it takes is ONE SINGLE HALF-ASLEEP OR DUMBASS EMPLOYEE making ONE mistake that is hard for ANYONE to catchthe chain is only as strong as the weakest link, you knowpeople can google me but i know how to change the results.. and they can WHOIS me and I can proxy-out my personal datafor just $75 a year extra.apparently tho some dickhead played a prank on me, with this ‘seminar’ on internet security BSbut when i chased everything down by IP and DNS names, conversion tables, etc. i realized what it really wasit is something i’ve never actually witnessed beforei’ve known about it, but to see it FOR REAL and link back to registrars and doubhle and triple checking my work, i found out the better business bureau is a jokeand that there is a lot of crazy shit going on hiding behind very strong doorsbouncing encrypted shit all across the world.. that’s why they put the ping timeon averagedo the rest of the work yourselfyou can program your hardware to chop it up and displace it through multiple separate actual ISPs, even by using a fucking mod/demod taking a route to London and then through satellite hidden in a video transmitand patch them together using four lines… separate companies, separate carriers, separate governmentsAin’t that crazy shit?You can even tap the frequency on your local house current, and use a laptop with a resynch algorithmgoing all the way thorugh the entire local power system, where it is read and it’s all a gigantic mail systemthe more secure, the slower it getsyou can even set up a fucking… trigger of a laser reflector ON THE MOON… which ARE THERE…. and if angled from tx to telescopic rx in iceland or wherever, that there is your key to the car/bookYou could use the Shotspotter system, in D.C., and have say 3 cars backfire in precise timing and location for your end user decryptionthere are so many ways to send messages secretlyit must have sucked when the submarines have to stick up thier antennas to transmit and then wait a response, when the order is to nuke or not to nuke. let me think about how to get aorund thatokay here’s whawt i’m thinking: follow me a minute:: already USGS mapped sea. Location of nuke missile sub is KNOWN. No need to surface if an x ray LASER can be sent from an orbiter in space like a barcode scanner to a reader atop the sub, underwaternow how would the sub do a transmitnuclear power… fuck… electricity…. damn it…. very short field, sonar…. all i can think of is to either surface for the request tx/rx and then duck and hide, awaiting encrypted orders, ORa network of undersea cables… which there IS, but not everywherLay out a giant net. Fine thread of comNeed not preinstall the earth. Sub can leave inactive, de-energized matrixUndetectable, for yearsThe reason I do not suggest a linear thin wire like a wire guided missile is because it may break. A network grid can be attached toO fcoursse once the enemies learned of all these techniques, they would then fucking install BUOYS … and say they’re for tsunami researh but which ALSO happen to have radio emisssion detectorsAll this shit applies to the human body as well you knowsince you like saving livesyou can form nets that save lives in the bodywhether they expand, contract, or act as a guide like vines grow on, when new organs grow or healBRENDONTRISTAL=JUNE-30-2013military undersea robotics, military, undersea, robotics, submarine, nuclear, electric, power, transmission, receiver,  underwater, justaguess


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