The Chronology and Chromology and the Science against RACISM

The Chronology and Chromology and the Science against RACISM

I heard on CNN’s Don Lemon (I’m a fan, by the way) show last night, and today, now, too – someone saying, “Why is it so hard for “white people” (that is to say, people with certain DNA specs that result in certain physical attributes, such as hair, skin color – that is, the REFLECTION of WHITE LIGHT that we see, on a generally “black and white” scale – that happens to be, in scientific terms, on the more REFLECTIVE end of the absorbent/reflective spectrum of visible light in sum (white light – not PRISM-sliced cheese RAINBOW light…

For a good CATHODE RAY EXAMPLE watch a black and white television. The electron GUN fires ELECTRONS at a SCREEN – a literal, physical SCREEN – with phosphorous that converts that energy “beam” as it scans across (in one of various programs, so quickly that it appears to be one continuously moving VIDEO, when it really isn’t more than a single DOT of energy, called a pixel, in fact, that becomes an emitter of VISIBLE LIGHT, though it is important to note latency – as explained (source: Wikipedia) in the following paragraph:

“Phosphor persistence[edit]
Various phosphors are available depending upon the needs of the measurement or display application. The brightness, color, and persistence of the illumination depends upon the type of phosphor used on the CRT screen. Phosphors are available with persistences ranging from less than one microsecond to several seconds.[11] For visual observation of brief transient events, a long persistence phosphor may be desirable. For events which are fast and repetitive, or high frequency, a short-persistence phosphor is generally preferable.[12]”

So, a form of, ahem, QUANTITATIVE EASING, if you will (pardon my bad humor), and some good tweaking and tuning, you can get that picture just right by adjusting all of the complex and precise guidance systems. Nowadays, however, it’s just TOO EASY to watch TV or listen to the radio – all you have to is blink, nod your head, say “play channel 41” or whatever – or press a remote. As easy as plug into ~120VAC/60Hz single phase power supply, and press “ON” or “POWER” (Man, don’t you wish the days when “ON” meant “ON”, and not “OFF”? This is almost EXACTLY what is happening with our BLACK and/or WHITE society in America! Most if not all ENGINEERS and SCIENTISTS prefer TWO power “buttons” – or a DIP SWITCH, like most homes that aren’t all high tech have – you walk into a room, you find the wall plate switch for the lamp/fan, and flick it UP (usually) into the “ON” or CONDUCTIVE state. If you want power OFF, you just flick the switch back down into the DISCONNECT/BREAK CIRCUIT/”OFF” state.

No complexity about it. It is either ON, or it is OFF. But what about those tricky 3-way switches, hmm? You know what I mean, don’t you? The ones where you never know if facing DOWN means OFF or ON, because THAT depends on what the sequence of events took place prior to that moment on the OTHER END of the switched lighting circuit. Example: Your hallway, living room, or whatever, has a switch right by the ENTRANCE POINT, so you can TURN ON THE LIGHT before you enter the room or walk across that hallway.

However, after you’ve walked across that room or hallway – Oops! Wish they had put a switch on THIS end, too, so I can turn OFF the lighting, now that I’m done with the room. (This also operates in reverse – without 3-way switching, you would never turn on the hall ceiling lamp in the first place… that, or you’d just leave it ON all the TIME! Or, if you’re honestly INSANE, you would act exactly like a COMPUTER PROGRAM and spend THE REST OF YOUR LIFE entering the hallway, flicking ON the lights, reach the end of the hallway, and then, since you are now done using that hallway lighting, you now must TURN OFF the lighting. Without having a CONTROL SWITCH at BOTH ends of the hallway, you would need to determine that to accomplish the objective of turning OFF the hall lamp, you must WALK ALL THE WAY BACK to where you STARTED when you turned it ON – just to turn it OFF – and then, you would next happily walk back toward your destination, across that (NOW DARK!) hallway.

Now, you may have MEMORIZED everything about that dark hallway – even in 3 spatial dimensions – based on your PREVIOUS WELL-LIT SURVEY, if you were taking good notes and observations. But what something changes? Pets? Kids? Even burglars? Or maybe you’re tired after working all day, it’s late, and you didn’t notice that kid’s toy with wheels, and you slip and fall? Or if you have pets… you get the idea.

Now, it drives people like me crazy – or used to, anyway, until we just mentally GAVE UP and ACCEPTED IT – that now almost EVERYTHING has ONLY a “SOFT SWITCH”. Some readers may recall the period when certain televisions – about when IR (infrared – what we would call “light”, if only we could see it – it’s very close, but is beyond the outer limits of what we can see – just like humans cannot hear below what, 20Hz, 15 or so – though our bodies CERTAINLY can FEEL them thump in our chest – even knock the wind out of us, even kill us – up to about 25kHz, 30kHz – systems that go above that don’t really make much difference, other than making good selling points to buyers looking at specs, if we’re talking about speakers to play music – if we’re talking about sonic cavitation or all kinds of other crazy stuff, then it matters – or, if you have some fascinating pressure modulating MASTER WORK OF ART of GEOMETRY, like the Bose sound system represented – that works by taking ultra high frequencies (UHF.. though UHF is more commonly known to refer to the radio spectrum than air vibration (sound) – and using some echo chamber, reducing and merging waves taken from multiple, synchronized outputs of say, 50kHz to 100 Khz, and forcing them to change the modulation – but anyway, that’s just something I just made up. So who cares.

Techies like me always prefer HARD switches that CUT POWER COMPLETELY – ironically, CRT televisions also contained high capacity CAPACITORS, so you would still have some time of power inside – and that still applies, just not at LETHAL levels, haha. But everything now – you press only ONE button, one button on your remote control is the “ON/OFF” switch. So now, there is no longer a PHYSICAL “on” state and a physical “off” state – and instead of an OFF button and an ON button – like cars used to have – you would insert the key, and turn it, go though a power sequence that would do all sorts of neat things like power up the fuel pump (where applicable), power up the OBD systems, and so on, and bring power from the 12VDC battery to the COIL (so that when you turn that key/switch to the FINAL step, “IGNITION” – actually they call it “START” – for a few seconds, the power from that battery gets BLASTED to a HEAVY motor that “cranks” the engine for you – for free! So you don’t have to be dripping with sweat and possibly lose an arm every time you start your car. With these new “NEVER OFF” devices, such as a remote control TV – well, at first there was a MECHANICAL power switch, but that was too confusing for people, no thanks to lack of standardizations (lol)… So they just did away with that, and with some good engineering, there is no more CHOICE of turning it off.

There is only “PRETEND OFF” mode. After all, if you are someone who always uses the IR remote to control your television or stereo – then, if you ever hit a TRUE “off” button, YOU WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO TURN IT BACK ON AGAIN! LoL!

Back in the days of amplitude-modulated radio signals (A.M.) in MONAURAL sound – one speaker needed; versus STEREO or the latest Dolby or whatever have you… usually assigned F.M. (frequency-modulated) signals, at frequencies like 100.3MHz (KTU) (ClearChannnel Comm.) – facilitates clearer stereo; or XM, and so on. I am not stating these are factual limitations, but represent fairly well the history of one-way communications in American history.

But now TV has become somewhat interactive. Without you even knowing it. More and more each day. But that’s for another article.

My main point was, there is a SPECTRUM that is not only a binary “ON” (status=1, “white” (actually, LIGHT, and the SUMMARY VISIBLE SPECTRUM – limited by the human EYE – is WHITE, unless DIVIDED by, say, a PRISM, or chemically absorbed, reflected, filtered, and so on) or “OFF” (status=0, NOT ENERGIZED, DARK)

There is NOTHING RACIST ABOUT THIS. Because the SUN is where LIGHT comes from (or ENERGY SOURCES, anyway, such as FIRE, radioactive decay, electric arcs, lamps, plasma, gas/neon/fluorescent etc.) – The POINT IS THIS: Things DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. THE WORLD IS FILLED WITH DIVERSITY.

And that, I must now conclude, also means that there IS NO SUCH THING AS a “pure” “black” or pure “white” human being. It’s absurd! Not even albinos are “white,” and only a BLACK HOLE is “black”. Everything else is, or can be, ANYTHING IN BETWEEN.

So, to summarize – and I will be more than happy if even just ONE person out there manages to both read and understand this, and look at things in a “new light” – soon to be invented (LOL)… It is RIDICULOUS and goes against the very formation of language and progress of humanity itself – to say that X, Y, or Z class of persons MUST NOT USE (insert list of words here) (or it could be one word – or at least that’s how it all begins) – Next thing you know, you can’t say Cracker, Cheez-It, or anything else, and we end up living in a society of DISSEMINATION of DE-EDUCATION, and causes PRESSURE that can lead to VIOLENCE.

Let us stop the nonsense! Let us use OUR OWN sense. By the time many of us are adults, we at least have an IDEA of what is “right” or not – OR, you feel it’s NOT right, and then you become a ROGUE. Either way, the OUTCOME is NOT GOOD. Unless you want APARTHEID and tell everyone to go back where their species originally came from which is… OH WAIT!!! WE ALL ARE DESCENDANTS FROM THE SAME CONTINENT!

And you know which one!

Brendon Tristal
Original Author, All Rights Reserved
Copyright Brendon Tristal June 30, 2013

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