Are you a thinker? When you hear 19 firefighters were KILLED in AZ, does it “get to you?”

Are you a thinker?  When you hear 19 firefighters were KILLED in AZ, does it “get to you?”

Do you like to think?  Do you exercise your mind?  Imagine yourself in certain scenarios: What would make sense to YOU?  Like in a submarine that’s sinking and lost communications with surface command, you have to get creative – you can make a show and call it something about an “island” – and make tons of money – or you can think of much more important situations and more realistic, grueling situations – like WAR or what is happening in Egypt, Syria, and so on right now.  Or the 19 FIREFIGHTERS WHO WERE _KILLED_ IN ARIZONA.  What does my brain do?  It IMMEDIATELY goes into ACTION.  Whether it’s physical or mental – since I’m not there, all i can do is “be mental” (sorry, bad pun).  Likewise with Egypt.

But I do try to THINK… about SOLUTIONS.  What are the ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS suggested and considered – and which one(s) seem to be those most likely to bring about the best outcome/end result!


You can even tap the frequency on your local house current, and use a laptop with a resynch algorithm
going all the way thorugh the entire local power system, where it is read and it’s all a gigantic mail system
the more secure, the slower it gets
you can even set up a … trigger of a laser reflector set ON THE MOON… which IS THERE… unless you’re a conspiracy theorist (!!!)…. and if angled from tx to telescopic rx in iceland or wherever, that there, hidden, absolutely INVISIBLE in BOTH TIME AND SPACE, are the KEYS to your CAR – with a full tank of Plutonium – oh wait, Doc Brown (from Back the Future – a quirky scientist that is something of a social reject, with that classic Professor Einstein look to him – played by Christopher Lloyd, in case you haven’t heard ;)  –  three or four pulses at particular shifting colors of the invisible RAINBOW… that LOOKS like just random GARBAGE… like all the trampled fast-food trash that litters our streets… nobody would touch it.  Ultra secure.  Time and spacesecurity keys that are like IEE RAID-2,013.89(b) is your key to the car/book/rocketship/or whatever is it you need for that new theoretical system I just “invented” over the past two days or so, along with several MORE ideas that could have saved the lives of those 19 firefighters who died fighting back the flames of wildfire in Arizona yesterday.

Some other ideas… just random thoughts – and this kind of stuff just snaps into my head, like, BAM, it just assembles itself into a 3D holographic video, with almost all of the TECHNICAL DETAILS and even, though to a FAR lesser degree, the financial COSTS of actually getting such ideas off the PAPER and coming OUT of the U.S. FACTORY somewhere either in the heartland, or a wee bit inland from either the East or West coasts.:

You could use the Shotspotter system, in D.C., and have say 3 cars backfire in precise timing and location for your end user decryption
there are so many ways to send messages secretly – PROBLEM IS, people would think it was gunshots, and OBVIOUSLY it would ONLY be authorized for use during the most URGENT circumstances of LAST RESORT…. So put an ultrasound receiver in the SHOTSPOTTERS – or who knows, maybe they already have them – not radio waves, mind you!  Just regular AIR VIBRATION, at localized stationary and/or MOBILE unit that uses SOUND to “GPS”.  I don’t know if anyone has thought of that before and actually DONE it.  A cost-to-benefit analysis would have to be conducted, but imagine the benefits: if it’s a VEHICLE, and a government or other secure vehicle suddenly required to fall back on Plan (whatever comes after Z… Zero?  Sorry, self-deprecating humor I still use occasionally, even though I’ve read or heard that it isn’t the ‘best thing’ after all… lol)

Think of it like a flowchart:  IF the “ShotSpotter” and city camera system (which would use infrared, invisible “police car” flashing lights, to get THEIR attention, eh?), you could have real-time, secure, long-distance tracking and two way communication until the vehicle can reach local safe harbor.  If that is not possible, or there are other disruptions, you can break up THAT bandwidth too with a nice multiplexor.  Pretty schizophrenic, right?  That’s BEYOND schizophrenic – that’s a “I’ve full of patience, but EVERYONE has their LIMITS” – ;)

It must have sucked when the submarines have to stick up thier antennas to transmit and then wait a response, when the order is to nuke or not to nuke. let me think about how to get aorund that
okay here’s whawt i’m thinking: follow me a minute:: already USGS mapped sea. Location of nuke missile sub is KNOWN. No need to surface if an x ray LASER can be sent from an orbiter in space like a barcode scanner (not REALLY, but LIKE one… if you get what I mean!!!) to a reader atop the sub, underwater (not ultradeep water, but at least not needing to surface or remain too close to surface while awaiting reply from superior authoirities)…

now how would the sub do a transmit
nuclear power… no way – keep it shielded! however it’s a nice source of energy, and you can even shut down certain portions of the sub temporarily for a broadcast – non-essential power consuming things, that do not burn up much of anything, be it time, matter, energy, oxygen, or other consumables onboard, to start back up, of course)… electricity…. damn it…. very short field, sonar…. all i can think of is to either surface for the request tx/rx and then duck and hide, awaiting encrypted orders, ORa network of undersea cables… which there IS, but not everywher
Lay out a giant net. Fine thread of comm
Need not preinstall the earth. Sub can leave inactive, de-energized matrix
Undetectable, for years
The reason I do not suggest a linear thin wire like a wire guided missile is because it may break. A network grid can be attached to
O fcoursse once the enemies learned of all these techniques, they would then fucking install BUOYS … and say they’re for tsunami researh
but which ALSO happen to have radio emisssion detectors
oh well
you’re not listening and you don’t care
All this shit applies to the human body as well you know – saving lives, quality of life, medical care, etc… but I’m no doctor.  My side of the job is to try to help protect the lives of those whose call of duty is to go into harm’s way, often selflessly serving others out of love of their fellow man.
you can form nets that save lives in the body
whether they expand, contract, or act as a guide like vines grow on, when new organs grow or heal

Brendon Tristal, unemployed Novell certified network engineer and administrator; CompTIA A+ certified technician; passionate hobbyist; realist + idealist at the same time (does that spell psycho?  I dunno! :)

I also have an endless stream of ideas and inventions that are so obvious, they MUST already be invented – YEARS AGO.  But I don’t know.  Also, the technical challenges regarding much of the above concepts are NOT QUITE so obvious, but I’m not going to get into detail about things like how the “underwater trailing internet” or “deep-water sky-fi” systems would work, lol.

But before we can have “sky fidelity” we need GROUND FIDELITY, do we not?  🙂
Brendon Tristal

Copyright Original Brendon Tristal 2013-JUNE 30 through JULY 1, 2013

Are you a thinker?  do you, like thinking, does anyone like to think, national defense, hold onto precious metals, oil, air power, nuclear, ground consumer power grid, industrial electricity development, communications, security, counterterrorism, terrorism, war, alliances, odd interesting ideas, just an hour’s worth of FREE THOUGHT, free speech, armed forces, firefighters, intelligent security, integrated security, secure two way submarine communication, the Deep Sea Internet, Deep Sea Wifi, oceanbottom internet, trailing communication nets, brendon tristal, inventing, it’s not work if you love what your’e doing!!!

As I presume you can tell, I am not trying to cause a mass exodus. And fortunately, we CAN avoid it, ENTIRELY!!! And as for anyone who may have the wrong idea about my goals or objectives, or suspect I am trying to invoke mass panic, please realize that my audience never seems to above a GRAND TOTAL of TEN PEOPLE. Unlike if this article, if you can call it that-it is just me expressing my own thoughts basically to myself-that is where you might see the difference and in fact looking at major national news television, I feel I have more than enough cause to sincerely believe the mass media is causing anything of significant ‘mass’ – no pun is tendered!

By getting my thoughts out there in this format-a virtual microcosm-I believe analyzing “the situation” realistically, WITH THE ‘R-rated’ content for MATURE, ANALYTICAL persons, and my hypothesis is that if more people become more AWARE and PAYCHOLOGICALLY PREPARED so that we do NOT END UP, GOD FORBID should any of the scenarious possible, a NEGATIVE outcome is a (hopefully TEMPORARY) period of frustration, well, my sincerest belief is that the FEWER people PANIC, go on STRIKE – esp. Those who work in NATION-CRITICAL services such as, say, SUPPLY LOGISTICS- which of course includes everything from food and healthcare to “the garbage man” who is paid by tax dollars.

I am too young to remember it, but there was a public health NIGHTMARE when nobody is removing, regularly, New York City’s streetside garbage pickup.

I shudder to even imagine the shutdowns and their consequences if they take place on a far wider-reaching level.

Sincerely with sorrow but HOPE,
Brendon Tristal, original author
July 1st, 2013

And I hope those of who celebrate the Fourth of July, I wish you and everybody the best. The best thing to do is relax and continue to go about your daily contributions to society, lest all of this “doom-and-gloom” on TV news become a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

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