Boeing 777 Asiana flight 214 San Francisco crash landing

From the new CNN video from Hayes (amateur video) and after hearing the press briefing from NTSB, it seems to me that at L-4 SECONDS the stick shaker engaged and after throttle-up at L-7 seconds…. pilot tried to PULL UP… it almost SEEMS LIKE IF PILOT HAD LET IT JUST CONTINUE TO GLIDE, AND THIS WAS VERY CLOSE, IT WOULD HAVE REMAINED LEVEL, NOT GONE NOSE UP (TAIL DOWN) AND THE LANDING WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE.

 Blame it on the proximity sensor/GPS. Blame it on the stall indicator being LATE

If the computer knew that it was not over the runway, well, it must have, because it would not have triggered the stick shaker or indicated a stall. Maybe.

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