A few words on population control, responsibility, and humanity

Anyone who has children to take care of, particularly single parents with custody of children in their care, certainly should be focusing on themselves and their children.  Otherwise, the system can create a vicious cycle of destruction – I write about this concept, which manifests itself in our corporate culture where money or income is rated as more important or valuable than good parenting.   A direct result of bad parenting – which happens to occur not only in low income families, but upper-class families as well – can be seen on television.  Every time you put on the news, you hear about “the privileged” destroying their lives, whether it is gambling, sex, drinking alcohol/abusing drugs, committing crimes to including physical assault and even murder (NFL?), and so on…. So, to anyone who is reading this message right now, WHOEVER you are, know and please understand that you are who you are and you have an important role to play – the quintessential “garbage man” – the postman – the factory worker – the engineer – the writer – whomever!!!  Know that if you believe in the success of the human race AT ALL, even PARTIALLY! ~ then you are entitled to stand proud, yet humble – both at the same time, in equilibrium – understanding the PERCEPTION of values DOES NOT AT ALL REPRESENT ACTUAL VALUES – and actual values are not set by ANY amount of money, fame, or anything else.  Nobody is a better PERSON than ANYBODY ELSE.  Sure, some people are better at doing this or that than another person.  But that other person is better at something else – perhaps undiscovered or unidentified – than you are.  The ultimate point I am trying to make here is that we are all equal, and the idea that some people are more powerful or better than anyone else is false.  Despite all of the above, I must admit, I do firmly believe in rational reproduction – not to start an argument, but if you feel and/or know you cannot properly (as you see fit) support yourself and your child or children, do not bear children in the first place.  Technology has given us a multitude of ways to prevent conception – take your pick.  I know it sounds insane, but I have – if not always, for a very long time – believed that the best investment our tax dollars can be put to work would be to offer these controls as a State or Federal funded service, offered for FREE, to those who cannot reasonably afford to purchase them.  Unfortunately, Organized Religion has created an enormous traffic jam in the flow of PROGRESS in THAT arena!!!  -Brendon Tristal, July 8, 2013

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