Celebrating America, July 4th, Open and Free vs. Populated Cities – DIFFERENT WORLDS

It’s hard to explain, but at a Police Officer’s house last night, lots of people had guns, fireworks, bonfires, and yeah a couple of explosions went off right next to me, and that was scary. But I never once thought somebody was aiming a gun at me; it is just a different culture out here in the middle of nowhere…. A cop lit a bottle rocket and stuck it in my pants pocket… and it blew up! But everyone – everyone male anyway – was doing the same kind of thing! I guess somebody could have gotten pissed off and pulled out their GUN and begun firing LIVE ROUNDS at people… but ANYBODY who knows ANYTHING about the LAWS AND RULES of guns knows that you NEVER do that. And the GZ trial evinces how complicated it is… if someone were on top of me, or even I on top of someone else, I would be VERY hesitant to actually fire a (real) gun at ANYBODY… even if it’s a fist fight. I’m not saying it’s not within 2nd amendment rights to do so… I’m just saying that I, personally, knowing and understanding the power imparted through a bullet, should it strike a living body, is extremely destructive. The reason I love fireworks, rockets, explosions, radios, and so on is because I love SCIENCE… and I fear that the culture we are developing in the USA is QUENCHING the innovative minds of all Americans. This CANNOT go on without severe consequences to this nation in the long-term: it is impossible.

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