I think deep-deep-deep investigative journalists – REAL ones, that is – NEED psychiatric care, given the things that are revealed to them. And with the advent of “mass media” there is really no need to “force” the general mass population to see, every day, the true horrors that take place. Especially where children are concerned – could you imagine the psychological damage to a child watching extremely disturbing scenes of reality, that may well be VERY real, and occurring at that MOMENT? – Well, we all have our place (space) and time… or space/time… and we shouldn’t abuse our electronic communication systems that are a GIFT to humanity, by EXPLOITING these communications to market to CHILDREN. Or even ADULTS! On one hand, I wish more people would “wake up” – but on the other hand, I have to question myself, what would happen if they DID “wake up”??? So I have concluded that it is best not to stir the pot so quickly, when it is hot, that the actual material of construction is strewn about, emitted from the pot, such that the one messing with the system becomes burned – severely.

tags= stirring the pot, mass media, mass communications, television, psychological damage, children’s perception of media

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