The NATION… the PLANET… we are currently constructing for our CHILDREN.

STARVATION is a STRATEGIC ACT OF WAR. Not new at all. Waging wars against PHYSICALLY POWERFUL walled CITIES, when under attack, CLOSE THEIR GATES…. even if they have already run an underwater supply of clean water, if you CANNOT SEND OUT YOUR PEOPLE TO HARVEST YOUR FOOD, YOU WILL BE “STARVED OUT”.In the case of TODAY’S ECONOMY and its DEPENDENCY on MODERN TECHNOLOGY that is SHOCKINGLY VULNERABLE, you can use the ECONOMY (“MONEY”) to CONTROL ENTIRE POPULATIONS.Owning your own “farm” or a backyard garden is a JOKE. That is nothing. We DO NOT HAVE the INFRASTRUCTURE that would be REQUIRED to SURVIVE without FOSSIL FUELS. In other words, REGULATING, OVERZEALOUSLY, THE USE OF FOSSIL FUELS causes MASS DISRUPTION and DEATH.CLASS WARFARE is only possible because of CURRENCY. And when you don’t know or understand what “money” even IS, and how it is always in a state of FLUX, then you very well may DIE as a result of LACKING KNOWLEDGE.So: IS EDUCATION IMPORTANT, FOR A NATION?My answer is that without it, we DIE OFF. Does anyone disagree?Nevermind the SIDE NOTE that the exchange of goods and services being dependent upon numbers within magnetic and other hi-tech means, however many times the records are mirrored, however rapidly they can be transferred – the fact remains, the entire system is ENTIRELY DEPENDENT upon our TECHNOLOGY.A CASCADING, SYSTEM-WIDE FAILURE is taking place RIGHT NOW. As we CUT FUNDING for EDUCATION we are PROMISING the DEATH and/or MISERY of OUR CHILDREN AND FUTURE.Sincerely,Brendon Tristal July 10, 2013

via The NATION… the PLANET… we are currently constructing for our CHILDREN..

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