Panama Canal N. Korea Missile Seizure, Crew Resists Arrest, Captain Possibly Attempted Suicide

Re: Panama Canal and North Korean ship of missiles/parts hidden as ‘brown sugar’ – destination unknown – captain of vessel first feigned heart attack then attempted or committed suicide… and the entire crew or most of it ‘resisted arrest’… BUT, DESTINATION UNKNOWN!  Could it be Al Qaeda or Eric Snowden?  Maybe a US sting operation, or Israel, or allies, posing as independent “cash payer”?  Wonder if parts were under consignment.. LOL… Amazing they caught this… and the actions of Cap’n Crunch and his snap crackle pop cargo and crew speak volumes.  Where was this ship headed to, and more importantly, which ports have the capacity to RECEIVE this cargo and reasonably evade detection (You’d think they would have avoided the PANAMA CANAL… They could have spent a little more money and taken the long ‘scenic route’ but then maybe it wasn’t consignment and they couldn’t afford diesel (what, with fuel prices going up) it is a small FORTUNE for that extra fuel… and I don’t know the specs on this ship, but it may have had to stop somewhere to refuel, be it in international waters or going to port… 

Either way, if these missile or rocket parts… I assume they are real, unless this entire thing is just fake missiles, somebody ripping someone off, or whatever – if this truly is an underground operation – All of these things are now presumably under investigation, and while Zimmerman continues its MEDIA ‘BLACK-OUT’ BLITZ (no pun intended) we are seeing just repeats, pete and repeats are replete, of FL v. George Zimmerman, because apparently most Americans either feel, believe, or are even aware of… speaking of THREATS.. if this thing with North Korea is real, then believe me, it is FAR MORE FRIGHTENING than a case that the media is covering NOW, either as damage control, a distraction, or that’s just the way the numbers are crunching. 

Personally, IF ANYTHING, I would be using the Panama Canal/North Korea and NATIONAL SECURITY, which you would ASSUME to be more important than one case (i.e. NUCLEAR WAR on the USA, etc.)…. If I were the media, I would be using this news to MOVE ON from the 24/7 GZ coverage, and maybe make us understand there is a LOT more important stuff going on RIGHT NOW than this case – even IF this case is a big part of what’s happening, it’s just one more reason why a lot of people take what they see on TV with a grain of salt, in most cases.  

After all, ENTERTAINMENT and not NEWS is the main function of general television.  PBS, C-SPAN, and so on – no commercials, no shareholders… no (or not nearly as much) influence from this or that group, as non-profit, PUBLIC and without commercials PER SE entities… also however, there’s a prime mover behind everything, but ACTUAL COURTROOM TELEVISION COVERAGE as on C-SPAN and as In Session used to do – too bad not in the US Supreme Court, but still – what happens in our ACTUAL COURTROOMS and I don’t mean Judge Judy or TV Court… THAT is NEWS.

And DO NOT FORGET EGYPT AND SYRIA, AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!!  Thank you for your attention, I appreciate it.


Brendon Tristal
July 16, 2013

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