FB user (redacted) wrote, “Zimmerman did not describe rolling around when Trayvon was smothering him and pinching his nose, stopping his breathing and at the same time still beating and bashing his face and head repeatedly. Remember all of these things happened in 45 seconds!!!”

My reply — Yes, 45 seconds. Or two minutes. Or four minutes. At any rate, I’ve been in fights, and even been literally interrogated afterward re: what happened. When I was told how long in time it actually lasted, I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. Time is DISTORTED COMPLETELY during a fight. And I sure as HELL don’t recall whether my “nose was pinched” or a hand was on this or that part of my body… all I knew was that my head was being SLAMMED and then CRUSHED into a strong steel gate, to the point I was seeing stars. So to me, in my somewhat diverse experience in life overall, must say: That is NO ARGUMENT. Unless you’ve been held at gunpoint by criminals and mugged MORE THAN ONCE and gotten BEAT-DOWN by 16 or more people, then you will never understand what that does to you, and though I can laugh the next day or two, and deal with black eyes and bruises and wounds for a few weeks/months and just say, “Hey, that’s life”… not everyone is like that… Life isn’t always fair – in fact I would say it is NEVER fair. FAIR is what I will now call a FAIRY tale… IT’S LIKE SANTA CLAUSE!!!!! To riot and kill each other and hate each other over SANTA CLAUSE is just SO childish I …. am just going to stop typing.

BT@2013july@17th 00:30 central

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One response to “The television CONTINUES with the RACIAL DISCUSSIONS…

  1. CNN on their Facebook page just put up a story or link with the title, “See the six worst offenses and tell us what else you’d add to the list.

    Someone wrote (not to me; just as a general response): “Why did I read that as “worst sex offenses” at first…….”…

    Another wrote, “because of the shirt” (in the photo)…

    Well, I wrote: “Six” looks to the brain in many people as “Sex” and the context certainly lends itself to that… also, it fits the CONTEXT of the past several months of horrific news stories.

    More specifically… transposing ‘six’ with ‘worst’ and six=sex + offenses/offenders… the way language hits the brain, Lace, it’s perfectly normal. Similar phenomenon of ‘subconscious (racial) predjudice”) or Profiling … it’s how living creatures operate. The question is, do we think we can hold ourselves together peacefully long enough for the next couple of generations to reach a new paradigm to enjoy?

    Brendon T.
    July 17, 2013 approx. 1am central

    tags = sexual discrimination, prejudice, subconscious judgment, self censorship, self-censorship, internalizing thoughts, consequences of being politically correct


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