Phones are tapped, George Zimmerman? (Sarcastic Reply)

LOL… Phones are tapped???? Yah? AND? The NSA satellites…. in fact they even commandeered the Hubble satellite telescope under eminent domain just to focus on what newspaper you’re reading. Please. :smh: (and I don’t :smh: often).

Smoke signals. LOL. Copenhagen toroid carbon emissions are nice. But very limited in quantity and value of data, and subject to much interference. And the time delay. Even if you wanted to sent a ten page newspaper article, no color pictures, just black and white telegraph style text… you would have to write it out into a chemical program, and it would take FOREVER! Point being, the location would be given away long before any independent observer who could even READ them would be identified and 1. give up location of at least one location, and 2. allow others to shut it down before the message is conveyed… making smoke signals useless.
So. Just off the top of my head, if we multiplexed these unmanned systems, inserted different colored smokes – almost like fireworks – that contains a lot more information – if you had real estate and a launch tube that launched 1.4 fireworks grade parachuted, multicolor flare and/or smoke emitters in a certain coded series, with a whole set of blueprints (code, codec) and multiplexed a repeater system and/or simultaneous area-wide set of locations – in optimal weather (flares for night, smoke for day… etc.)… and you had at least more than one pre-assigned observer who held the codec to read the message – compression I am sure would be used – then perhaps. Perhaps. The timing and weather, and locations, and purpose would be essential. You can’t talk on the phone with your mom using smoke signals, even if you can somehow teach your mom how to use a computer (or smoke signals, etc.). LOL.
All of this depends on the actual message modification, how quickly information you intend to transmit must be delivered, manufactuered… For instance if you were to use some sort of radio or very basic, basic stuff… not to say cheap, but let’s say a cylindrical gear-driven system with a servo, and if not the radio signal writing the message, then any number of predetermined servo sets, punch cards, gear systems, etc… and the radio or electrical signal would simply send a unique coded ID to that system’s address/receiver (however you chose to do it) to call upon the entire procedure, initiated by that one single ONE-TIME transmission to run either one punch-card or mechanical program with either flares/fireworks or smoke signal sets with parachutes, and so on – and/or a series or any mix with whatever your maximum set is – to simplify, going BAREBONES BASIC, let’s say your program runs red, green, blue, orange, and black. If dark, black smoke becomes white flare. So we have RGBO- or RGBO+… five colors. Timing with flares would allow much faster ‘bandwidth’… as opposed to smoke, which would be as simple as “Smoke = YES? Then…” or, “Smoke = NO? Then…” .. lol
The devices would need to be cheap, use a coding system that is known to observers – a select few, of course – and the ‘notice’ (under such a low manpower situation) you would also need either a pre-set date, or an anticipated major event, or an initial system of either invisible laser signals to put such observers ‘on notice’ upon receipt, if distance from the initiator or commander, whatever… is significant… and one invisible signal could carry the program through that laser to multiple trusted individuals, and relay all within about a second, the commands, alerting the agents to use their own separate, secret methods and codes to initiate the smoke signal sequences all at once.
Weather could be a real problem, but there are always ways around that, too – however, the smoke signals would be in different code, and the whole point would be that nobody would even know what the heck was going on other than a pretty show, depending on the locale.
All of these things would need to be considered.
Just an end-note… I could write for EVER about all kinds of strange things, but I also write about politics and this and that and blah blah blah…. Should we as a nation, or any part – or even all – of the world suffer either a manmade or natural disruption such as a CME, these and other systems do not require much power (i.e. should the grid go down) and NOT require satellites, gasoline, diesel, or electric transportation, and could provide enough information for those who ARE prepared to get EVERYTHING they need to know, follow the protocol that has been prepared, according to the particular address (be it an earthquake, volcano, meteor/asteroid collision with Earth, or an EMP violation)… I just made this whole thing up, and a whole lot more that I just do not publish, for personal reasons… I believe in the human race and sharing ideas, but one example of knowledge that can backfire when you try to be TOO nice is exemplified in the case of the atomic bomb… etcetera.Brendon Tristal
July 17, 2013

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